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Zone Control System Services in Columbia, SC by Fulmer Heating & Cooling

Have you ever wished you could better tailor the heating and cooling that comes through your ductwork system? If so, the experts from Fulmer Heating & Cooling have the answer for you: a zone control system. While this may sound like something very fancy, it is really just a solid solution to providing your home with the exact kind of heating and cooling you want. Our professionals have installed hundreds of zone control systems throughout the Columbia area, and we have seen firsthand just how helpful these systems can be. Do you already enjoy the benefits a zone control system offers? Then you want to make sure that you have a reliable, trained experts to call in case of repair. We are those experts, and we are here to help you with all of your zone control needs!

Do you need help with your zone control system in Columbia, SC? Then it’s time to call the heating and cooling pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling!

Why Consider a Zone Control System?

To understand why homeowners choose to install a zone control system, it’s important to understand the basics of what the system is. A zone control system works at the heart of your air delivery: inside the supply side of your ductwork. Once you and your technician designate the zones of your home, our technician will install motorized dampers into your ductwork and connect them to a main control panel. Thermostats will be installed into each zone and also connected to the main control panel. Why is this panel so important? It maintains the temperature in each zone by opening and closing the motorized dampers.

Now that you know how the system works, here are the benefits a zone control system can provide:

  • Customized comfort
  • Reduced energy use
  • Reduced wear and tear on your HVAC system
  • Even cooling and heating, even with specialized architecture in your home

What Kinds of Repair Issues Develop with Zone Control Systems?

Zone control systems are pretty sturdy, but they work throughout the year because they help with both heating and cooling. So, one of the top repairs our experts see in relation to a zone control system is problems with the motorized dampers. Sometimes a damper can become stuck, which will disable the damper from properly controlling air flow, or the wiring to the damper is corroded or frayed, so the damper isn’t getting the right communication. Thermostats can also be problematic, particularly if they are very dusty or the wiring has been compromised. Lastly, if the problem originates with the main control panel, the system won’t function correctly. But, with the HVAC pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling just a phone call away, you don’t have to worry over zone control repairs – we can handle them all!

Comfort is a top priority in your home, and a zone control system can help make sure you have it year–round. Our experts are here to help you with installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of your zone control system. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!