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Columbia, SC Air Conditioning Services

If there are two words that describe our summer weather, they are hot and sticky. Not only can our temperatures reach the high 90s on a regular basis, we also get the humidity to go along with it. But one of the best ways to dispense with the heat and humidity of a Columbia, SC summer is with a whole home air conditioning system. Many of our customers already enjoy the benefits a whole house air conditioner has to offer, and they do so knowing that our pros are only a phone call away if installation or AC repair is needed. If you need a new system, whether for a brand new installation or to replace an existing outdated one, we are here to help from the beginning of the AC installation process right to the end. Certain climates demand that air conditioning be a part of your life and ours in such a climate. Let us help you stay cool with our comprehensive AC services!

The HVAC experts from Fulmer Heating & Cooling can help you stay cool all summer long with air conditioning installation and repair service – call us today!

Air Conditioning Systems We Install and Service

  • Central Air Conditioning: Central air conditioning, also known as whole home air conditioning, is one of the best ways we know to beat the heat in our area. If you need help with installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your air conditioning system, we are the ones to contact!
  • Ductless Systems: Are you interested in a ductless cooling system, or do you already own one? Ductless systems need care just as any other cooling system, and our pros are here to provide that care. We can help you install a brand new system, replace an outdated one, or make sure your existing one runs as needed with professional repair and annual maintenance services.
  • Heat Pumps: Using a heat pump system can offer you and your home many benefits, but you won’t see these benefits if you don’t hire experts for the installation and service of your heat pump. Our pros bring three decades of experience to every job we do, so make us your first phone call for everything related to heat pumps.
  • Packaged HVAC Units: Both businesses and homes can benefit from using a package unit for their heating and cooling. But if the initial installation isn’t correct, nothing else will be, either. This is where our pros come in. We can install, repair, replace or maintain your package unit in Columbia, and we’ll perform all work correctly the first time around.
  • Thermostats: Does your HVAC system need an upgraded thermostat? Is your existing thermostat giving you problems? We can help! Our experts can help you find and install a new thermostat that will match your existing HVAC system perfectly, or we can get your existing thermostat back on track with professional repair.
  • Zone Control Systems: Does your home need a zone control system? If so, you have come to the right place! Our experts have been helping customers with ducted HVAC system achieve the comfort and energy efficiency they want and need with the installation, repair, maintenance and replacement of zone control systems.

Why Whole Home AC Systems Are So Effective

When some homeowners consider cooling their homes, they may consider doing so by using a number of window units rather than a whole home system. Unfortunately, window units are not as capable of keeping your home cool and dry as a whole home system is. Why not? There are two important tasks that air conditioners perform: exchanging the warm air for cool and removing humidity. Trying to cool your entire home using 3 or 4 window units will cool and dehumidify the immediate space around the window unit, but not your entire home. This is why a whole home air conditioner is much more effective.

When Is It Time to Call for Help?

It’s pretty clear when your air conditioner isn’t working at all that it is time to call for repair help. But what about things that happen while the system is still operational? Here are some of the more common signs that it’s time to call our experts for air conditioning repair in Columbia:

  • Strange sounds – your air conditioner should not operate noisily. Sound should be kept to a minimum. If you hear strange, loud sounds, like banging, buzzing or anything else, it’s time to give us a call.
  • Suddenly high energy bills – if you notice that your energy bill has risen significantly and you haven’t changed how you are using your AC system, something in your system is malfunctioning, and it’s drawing too much power.
  • Odors – there should never be any kind of smell coming from your system. If you do detect an odor, especially a burning one, call for help right away.

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