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Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC Services in Newberry, SC

We’re a Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractor Serving All of Newberry

Your home requires reliable climate control if you want it to remain comfortable all year round. Otherwise, you could find yourself quite miserable during the hot days of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter. That’s why Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers a full range of air conditioning and heating services throughout Newberry, SC. If you need a heating or air conditioning system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, give us a call today and schedule an appointment. We also offer comprehensive air purifier and commercial HVAC services.

We’ll make sure that no matter what the weather is like outside, your home remains comfortable with our air conditioning and heating services in Newberry, SC.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Services in Newberry, SC?

Being in a home without a proper air conditioning during the summer can be absolutely miserable. The heat and humidity are far too pervasive to be staved off with more simple solutions like opening windows or turning on ceiling fans. If you want to keep comfortable during the summer, you’ll need an air conditioning system you can count on. Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers a full range of air conditioning services throughout Newberry, SC. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

We Offer Geothermal Heating and Cooling Services

A geothermal system uses a heat pump, which means that the system uses refrigerant to transfer preexisting heat from one place to another. Unlike normal heat pumps, though, a geothermal system does not draw thermal energy from the surrounding air. Instead, it uses a subterranean pipe loop filled with water to draw heat from underground. Contact us for more information about the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling.

We Install and Service Thermostats

The best climate control system in the world wouldn’t be much good without a reliable thermostat operating it. Most homeowners don’t pay attention to their thermostats unless they stop working. This is a mistake. You should be sure to schedule regular thermostat maintenance, and replace it every few years to make sure that it stays up to date. We offer comprehensive thermostat services.

Keep Your Home Warm with Our Heating Services in Newberry, SC

When the temperatures outside start to fall, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a good home heating system on your side. No one wants to have to dress in layers just to be comfortable in their own home. Fulmer Heating & Cooling installs, repairs, maintains, and replaces heating systems of all kinds throughout Newberry, SC. If you need heating services of any kind, call and schedule an appointment with one of our heating experts. We’ll make sure that your home stays warm all winter long.

Call Us for Comprehensive Furnace Services

When you think of a home heating system, the first thing that you probably think of is a furnace. That’s because furnaces are far and away the most popular home heating system type on the market. Even with the advent of newer heating technologies, millions of people still rely on furnaces to stay warm during the winter. If you need a furnace installed or serviced, we can help. We install and service both gas and electric furnaces.

Heat Pump Services Are Available

A heat pump is a device that is constructed more like an air conditioner than a traditional heater. Instead of burning fuel to generate heat, it evaporates and condenses refrigerant to move preexisting heat from one place to the other. Heat pumps can change their refrigerant flows to either heat or cool a home. We install and service a wide variety of heat pumps.

Improve Your Air Quality with Our Air Purifier Services in Newberry, SC

The average home’s air is absolutely teeming with millions upon millions of airborne contaminants. Some of these contaminants include, but are not limited to, dust, pollen, germs, mold spores, and dander. Prolonged exposure to these contaminants, especially in high amounts, can lead to increased instances of illnesses like the flu and development of chronic conditions like asthma. Humidity imbalances are can also negatively impact your health. Take advantage of our air purifier, dehumidifier, and humidifier services to correct indoor air quality issues.

We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

Too much humidity in your home can lower your quality of life in a number of ways. First, and most obvious, is that high humidity makes it harder for your body to cool itself. High humidity also promotes mold growth in your home, which can make you quite sick over time. If your home’s air is chronically humid, let us install a whole house dehumidifier.

We Provide Full Humidifier Services

If your air is chronically dry, you may find yourself getting sick more often than usual. That’s because the dry air causes your skin and nose to crack, allowing infectious agents like viruses and bacteria to more easily infiltrate your body. A whole house humidifier can correct this issue by introducing more moisture into the air. We install and service humidifiers of all kinds.

Call Us for Commercial HVAC Services in Newberry, SC

Residential properties are not the only ones that require reliable climate control systems. Commercial buildings can serve hundreds of people at once, and need equally robust heating and air conditioning systems to cope with that demand. Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers a full range of commercial HVAC services throughout Newberry, SC. Whether you need a commercial HVAC system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, we’re here to help. Call today to set up an appointment. Our commercial HVAC experts will make sure that your building is just as comfortable as your home, at least with regard to climate.

Expert Plumbing Services in Newberry, SC

Whenever there is a plumbing need in your home, it means that you need an expert plumber to help get the job done. You can find the pros you can rely on at Fulmer Heating & Cooling. We’ve served residents like you since 1985 and we are looking forward to doing business in Newberry, SC for many years to come.

We can patch leaking pipes, clear clogged drains, install and tune-up sump pums and water heaters and more more. We install, repair, maintain, and replace the full range of plumbing systems. Come to our team today.

Electrical Services in Newberry, SC

Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive electrical services to homeowners in Newberry, SC. Our team of licensed electricians has the certifications and licenses that are required to perform residential electrical services. With our expertise, experience, and outstanding customer service, you can rest assured that your home’s electrical system is in capable hands.