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Columbia, SC Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are common throughout homes in Columbia, SC to help homeowners stay cool in the sweltering heat. The best way to maximize the comfort and aesthetics that ceiling fans bring is through professional installation. 

A faulty DIY install job can result in your ceiling fan not working properly. Even worse, you run the risk of damage to your ceiling or electrical system, injury from falling parts, electrical shock, or an electrical fire. Let Fulmer Heating & Cooling help you with our professional ceiling fan installation services. 

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling to schedule your electrical services today!

Ceiling Fan Installation 

There’s more to ceiling fan installation than meets the eye. To make sure your ceiling fan is effectively installed with the least amount of disruption to your home’s aesthetics, leave the job to us. There’s a reason why we’re a preferred electrical contractor in Columbia, SC. We’ve been serving the area since 1985.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Do you want to upgrade your existing ceiling fan with a new, more aesthetically pleasing fan? Or perhaps your outdated ceiling fan won’t even turn on anymore. Maybe you want to put a ceiling fan in a room but aren’t sure where to place it. That’s where we come in. Rest assured that our capable electricians will take all your needs into consideration when it’s time for ceiling fan replacement.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Is your ceiling fan experiencing technical difficulties? Whether it won’t turn on, the fan runs but the light won’t turn on, or it won’t change direction, contact us for ceiling fan repair. We’ll restore its functionality so it can get back to keeping you cool and comfortable.