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Gas Piping in Columbia, SC

While there are many different ways to fuel the systems and appliances in your home (furnaces, water heaters, ovens and ranges, etc.), there is one option that really offers a level of convenience and efficiency that is hard to argue against. That is natural gas. And if you decide that you’d rather use natural gas than oil, propane, or electricity, then you need professional gas piping services in Columbia, SC.

While natural gas is an outstanding fuel option with many benefits to offer, the fact remains that this is a combustible gas that you are piping into and around your home. Suffice to say, you really want to know for certain that the individuals handling your gas piping services are qualified to do so. Working with Fulmer Heating & Cooling guarantees that this is the case.  Let our expert plumbers handle any gas piping services that you need.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling for gas piping installation and repairs.

Why Choose Natural Gas?

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but it is one with a few perks that you won’t find with other fossil fuels. For starters, natural gas is a largely domestic product. Not only does this help to keep your investment in the US, but it also means that natural gas is not subject to the volatility of foreign oil markets. That means that natural gas pricing is more stable than other options.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about fuel deliveries or storage tanks when you use natural gas. It is piped right into your home from through your gas hookups. Natural gas burns quite cleanly, and it is very versatile.  While the most common uses are for ovens, furnaces, and water heaters, it can also be used to fuel clothes dryers, fireplaces, and even outdoor fire pits!

Signs of a Gas Leak

One consideration that absolutely must be addressed when discussing natural gas piping in Columbia, SC, is the potential for a gas leak. This isn’t to say that natural gas is inherently dangerous to use—no more than any other fuel, actually. However, you should be aware of the fact that gas leaks can and sometimes do happen. When they do, you have to act fast. So how do you recognize a gas leak?

  1. The odor.  Natural gas has an instantly recognizable, sulfuric odor. This is very much by design. Natural gas is naturally odorless, and this scent is actually added as a safety precaution.
  2. Flickering/inconsistent pilot lights. Most modern appliances and systems use electronic ignition devices, rather than standing pilot lights. If you do use appliances with pilot lights, and they are flickering or frequently going out, you should have the gas delivery system assessed.
  3. Dying vegetation. If you have some idea of where your gas line runs on your property, and you see yellowing and dying vegetation in the vicinity, then it is possible that you have a gas leak killing that vegetation. 

Let Us Install and Service Your Gas Line

When you hire our team to install your gas line, the job is done right, right from the start. You deserve to use natural gas reliably without worrying about leaks stemming from shoddy workmanship.

If anything should go wrong with your gas piping, you need to get out of the house and call the appropriate authorities immediately. Should gas line repairs be necessary, you can expect our plumbers to handle them with the skill and expertise that the job demands.