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Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC Services in Prosperity, SC

We’re a Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractor Serving All of Prosperity

We live in Prosperity, SC, where the summers are as hot as they come. Your home needs an air conditioner, and that air conditioner needs to work every day without complaint. Similarly, you need a quality heating system in the winter when the nights get chilly and we all bundle up against the chill. Businesses and commercial spaces, too, need reliable heating and air conditioning systems, as well as indoor quality controls to keep their products and equipment running smoothly. For all those things and more, you can count on Fulmer Heating & Cooling to deliver the skills and quality you need. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Look to Fulmer Heating & Cooling for quality air conditioning and heating services in Prosperity, SC.

What’s the Difference between Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance?

In strictest terms, an air conditioning maintenance session isn’t a repair session. AC repairs are conducted to address a specific problem causing trouble with your air conditioner. A maintenance session, on the other hand, is a kind of tune-up, in which the technician corrects a lot of little problems that can add up to a big one. Both are necessary and in fact a maintenance technician here in Prosperity, SC can help prevent repairs before they start. Call the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling to learn more!

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems are Good investments

If you want a different way of heating and cooling your home, consider a geothermal system which draws on the ambient temperature of the earth itself to keep your home cool. The up-front investment can be offset by lower monthly bills, and in the long term, the added savings can help your home stay within its budget year in and year out.

Thermostat Troubles May Stem from Location

If your thermostat turns the system on and off when it shouldn’t, or otherwise exhibit problems, it might not necessarily need to be replaced. Poor placement, proximity to breezeways, sunlight exposure and other factors can alter your thermostat’s readings. In that case, a trained technician from Fulmer Heating & Cooling can move its location and fix the issue in a snap. Call us today to learn more!

Heating Installation and Repair Services Come with the Territory

Heater installation services need to do the job properly, in order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, and help prevent repairs. But a quality service is just the start. Sooner or later, every heating system breaks down, and when it comes to your heater, you don’t want to be caught by surprise in the middle of our Prosperity, SC winters. That’s why Fulmer Heating & Cooling not only installs new heaters, but keeps them maintained and offers speedy repairs

Choose between Gas and Electric Furnaces

Both gas furnaces and electric furnaces keep you home warm in the cold months of winter, but they use different means to do it. Gas furnaces, the more traditional of the lot, draw on burners fed by gas from Prosperity, SC’s civic lines to heat your home. Electric furnaces just use electric power, which costs a little more, but can be more convenient for rural residents without access to the civic gas lines.

Heat Pumps Need Trained Technicians to Repair

A heat pump follows the same operational principles as an air conditioner. It simply allow the cycle of refrigerant to be reversed, letting you heat your home instead of cooling it. But just because the principles are the same doesn’t mean you don’t need a trained technician to address repairs and other key issues. Call Fulmer Heating & Cooling for expert heat pump installation and repair.

Air Purifiers Help out Families with Newborns

A new baby is very exciting, and as proud parents, you want your home to be as safe and secure as possible. You should consider the installation of an air purifier form the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling. It will filter out dust, dirt and germs, leading to a safer and more pleasant atmosphere for your newest addition to grow up in. Air purifiers serve other benefits as well, such as creating a fresher feeling in your Prosperity, SC home. As you prepare for your impending arrival, considering including an air purifier in your budget, then call us when you’re ready to discuss your options!

Add a Whole-House Dehumidifier to Feel Cooler

When relative humidity levels rise above 50%, the air is too moist for sweat to evaporate off our skin. As a result, we feel hot, clammy and gross, and when that happens in your home, it can be an awful thing to deal with. The solution is a whole-house dehumidifier, which can pull the moisture from the air and keep our Prosperity, SC humidity at bay.

Humidifiers Help the Winter Pass more Comfortably

Just as our summers get hot and muggy, so can our winters be very dry, leading to cracked skin, static electricity and increased illnesses as our mucus membranes dry out. A whole-house humidifier will spread moisture into the air of your home, eliminating those problems and help you enjoy a more comfortable winter. Give the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling a call today to find out more!

Commercial HVAC Systems Require Speedy Repairs

Installing a new commercial HVAC system into a commercial building usually takes place at construction. But as a business owner or office manage, you may not have been present when that happened. That’s why you need a high quality repair service in Prosperity, SC to help you identify the problems of a system you might not be familiar with, and fix them the right way. Fulmer Heating & Cooling has the skills and personnel you need on that front, so don’t hesitate to call!

Plumbing Services in Prosperity, SC

A clogged drain can mess with your day. A leaking pipe can create a risk for water damage. These are issues that require professional plumbing repairs. You can count on us for those repairs and much more.

Plumbing system installations, repairs, and other services are something that youcan come to the team at Fulmer Heating & Cooling for. We are a team of professionals in Prosperity, SC which includes expert plumbers who you can count on to get the job done.

Electrical Services in Prosperity, SC

Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive electrical services to homeowners in Prosperity, SC. From replacing an old electrical panel, to installing ceiling fans or outdoor lighting that’ll enhance your home’s aesthetics, we offer comprehensive electrical services performed by our team of licensed and insured electricians.