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Backflow Prevention in Columbia, SC

Here’s a simple tenet of plumbing for you—water is really only supposed to flow in one direction through a property. It goes into the building through the main water line. It goes into systems like water heaters and to various fixtures throughout the property through the water supply lines. When water is used, wastewater is ushered out of the property through drain lines and, eventually, the sewer line. There are instances, though, where water can move in the wrong direction.

This is precisely why backflow preventers in Columbia, SC, are necessary. While there are instances in which residential properties may require backflow prevention measures, this is really a much bigger concern for commercial property owners in the area. In fact, there are laws and regulations on the books about backflow preventers that must be followed to keep your system up to code. We install and service backflow preventers, and can answer any questions that you may have.

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What Is Backflow?

Above, we talked about the way in which water comes into and moves throughout a property. This issue with this concept is that there are scenarios in which an issue, typically a sudden drop in pressure, can cause water to flow in the opposite direction. This can happen anywhere where there is a cross connection. A cross connection is where a potable water system and a non-potable water system intersect.

When there is a drop in pressure, that drop can cause water to be pulled from the non-potable system back into the potable system. This not only puts your own property at risk, but also the health and safety of all those serviced by this potable water system. It truly is a matter of public health, which is why such strict regulations exist to begin with.

Who Needs a Backflow Preventer?

There are a lot of examples of businesses that will almost certainly require backflow prevention devices.  Car washes, dry cleaners, restaurants, and any other property that could potentially send contaminated water back into the potable water supply due to a pressure drop will need these devices installed and tested. Even the use of an irrigation system will necessitate a backflow preventer.

Should water pool around a sprinkler head on a property that uses pesticides, for instance, and if pressure were to drop, that pesticide-laden water could then be pulled back into the potable water supply. That water gets distributed to other properties using that supply, and illness can occur. A backflow preventer prevents that reversal, thus preventing the health risks.

We Install and Service Backflow Preventers

Your backflow prevention assembly is not a simple plumbing component that screws onto a connection. Commercial backflow preventers are large and complex, and they require professional plumbers to install and service them.

Should an annual test reveal issues with your backflow preventer in Columbia, SC, give us a call.  We can figure out what is wrong and repair the backflow preventer or, if that’s not possible, replace it.  Contact us today to get started.