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Plumbing in Columbia, SC

There is no way in which we could possibly overstate just how important the plumbing system in your home is. Without dependable plumbing in Columbia, SC, you are not going to be able to live in the comfort or convenience that we’ve grown to expect in the modern age. You deserve the best in this regard, which is why you want to work with our plumbers.

At Fulmer Heating & Cooling, we understand the plumbing needs of modern homeowners. That is why we offer such a comprehensive selection of services. Whatever your plumbing service needs may be, you can count on our team to deliver the quality of service that you demand. You can feel good about putting your plumbing system in our hands, from its design and installation to routine maintenance and comprehensive repairs.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling for your plumbing needs.

Our Plumbing Services

When we say our plumbing services in Columbia, SC are comprehensive, we mean that we offer pretty much everything that your plumbing system could need. This includes plumbing installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance, as well as more specialized services for  sewers, drains, and more. We’re the plumbing contractor to turn to for:

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing – because these rooms are the nexus of your residential plumbing
  • New Construction Plumbing – because every plumbing system has an origin story
  • Leak Detection – because you are going to encounter  leaks of some kind in your system eventually
  • Main Water Line – because this one pipe is responsible for bringing all of your water into your home
  • Slab Leak Detection and Repair – because some leaks are very hard to recognize, and just as hard to service
  • Sump Pumps – because you need to protect your property from flood-related damages
  • Water Treatment Systems – because the water in your home should be of the highest quality possible
  • Piping and Repiping – because this basic building block of the plumbing system needs to be in the right hands
  • Gas Piping – because you deserve to use natural gas reliably and safely in your home
  • Drain and Sewer – because you need to dispose of waste and wastewater in a hygienic and convenient fashion
  • Video Pipe Inspection – because there needn’t and shouldn’t be any guesswork when it comes to assessing your pipes
  • Water Heaters – because you need access to reliable hot water for many uses throughout your home
  • Commercial Plumbing – because  commercial plumbing systems are large and complex
  • Backflow Prevention – because you need to protect against health risks on your  property and in your community
  • Commercial Water Heaters – because a commercial  space can’t really function without dependable hot water

Contact Us for Plumbing Installations, Repair, and Maintenance

Plumbing systems should never be serviced by a nonprofessional. If you need a new plumbing fixture installed or the solution to a plumbing problem is any more complex than plunging a toilet, give us a call. We have over 30 years of experience, and we employ some of the very finest plumbers in the industry.

From drain and sewer cleaning to heat pump water heater repairs, we do it all. Remember, plumbing problems can often be prevented with proper maintenance, but not always. Don’t ever hesitate to dial our number if you suspect a problem with your plumbing in Columbia, SC.