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The Best AC Systems for Irmo Residents

September 9th, 2019

Are you ready to get rid of your current air conditioning system here in Irmo, SC? South Carolina heat is no joke. You need a great air conditioner by your side so that you can get the best air conditioning services possible. We know that it’s not always easy upgrading to a new air conditioning system, even when you know it’s time. The process is just as overwhelming as it is expensive. But you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re feeling a little misguided, you can contact our professionals for air conditioning in Irmo, SC. We specialize in this service and we’re committed to finding the best possible air conditioning systems for Irmo residents. Make sure that you come to our team. We’ve been in business here for over 30 years—we’ve got the expertise that you need!

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The Problem with a Bad Drain Line

August 26th, 2019

We’ve reached that point in the summer where our technicians are buzzing around Irmo like worker bees fixing air conditioning problems. The disastrous combination of the high heat and homeowner procrastination surrounding air conditioning issues can really affect your home comfort. If you’re a homeowner who has noticed some leakage happening, it might be time for you to contact our professionals.

We specialize in air conditioning repair in Irmo, SC. You can rely on our full team of professionals to perform an amazing job on your air conditioning repairs. If you need reliable service that’s sure to keep your home in great shape then we’re the team members to call. Get in touch with us today.

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Why You Should Never DIY

August 12th, 2019

AC-tools-on-topLook … we get it. Your air conditioner has started acting up during the highest heat of the summer and you’re not thrilled about it. Your irritation is twofold—you don’t want to go without cooling during hot weather and you also don’t want to come out of pocket to pay for an unexpected air conditioning service. We know how tempting it is to turn to a resource like the internet. There are more resources online now more than ever. Just a quick keyword search can bring millions of great results right to your fingertips in seconds. We want to underscore the fact that no online article or video tutorial can ever give you the expertise of a trained air conditioning professional.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. If you need air conditioning repair in Lexington, SC, make sure that you contact our air conditioning professionals.

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Choosing a Great New AC System for Your Home

July 29th, 2019

AC-unit-topviewHave you struggled with your air conditioner all summer? We’re creeping up on the end of the season now, so it’s time to start thinking about your next steps. If your air conditioning system hasn’t been able to cool your home the way you need it cooled, then it might be time for you to purchase a new air conditioner.

We know that you’re probably not jumping for joy at the prospect of this. Purchasing a new air conditioner is expensive, time consuming, and often stressful. If you need help with your air conditioning installation in Columbia, SC, you can contact our professionals. We know what it takes to get your air conditioning right.

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Experiencing Short Cycling? Here’s What to Do

July 15th, 2019

AC-tools-on-topWe’re reaching the height of summer in Columbia, SC. The weather is hot, the days are long, and the fun that you can have is limitless. We know that you need your air conditioner now more than ever. If your air conditioner is your lifeline on these hot summer nights, it’s a good idea to check in on it every now and then.

Sometimes, you can push the function of your air conditioner into the back of your mind, but it’s important to keep it at the forefront during these months. Any problem that you notice, even if you think it is small and not noteworthy, should be reported to an air conditioning professional to check on. Make sure that you contact our team if you need air conditioning repair in Chapin, SC. We’re the professionals that you can trust to make your home better.

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What a Leaking Outdoor Unit Means

July 1st, 2019

AC-unit-topviewIt’s summer in Irmo! That means you’re swapping out your long sleeve t-shirts for short sleeves, pulling out the pool gear, and slathering on sunscreen so that you’re ready to play safely in the summer rays. What could go wrong? Well, noticing water dripping where it shouldn’t be is a big sign of a problem in your home. When you see water leaking your mind might immediately go to a plumbing problem but the issue could actually be with your AC unit.

If you realize that you’re having a significant air conditioning problem and you need air conditioning repair in Irmo, SC our team can help you get your air conditioner back in shape. South Carolina summers are hot, balmy, and long, so you need a great air conditioner.  

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Signs That Your AC Needs TLC

June 17th, 2019

air-conditioner-in-need-of-serviceThis is the time of year where you’re going to need your air conditioner the most. If your AC system has seen better days then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with our team. You might think that you can skip an air conditioning maintenance appointment and tough out any air conditioning problems that you’re currently facing. But trust us—it’s always a better idea to call a professional at your earliest convenience.

We understand if you’re worried about the price of air conditioning repair. Services like this can really add up. If you need affordable air conditioning repair in Lexington, SC we’re the team to call. Contact us today.

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Have You Scheduled Your AC Tune-Up Yet? Now’s the Time

June 3rd, 2019

AC-tools-on-topSpring is ending and we’re steadily marching into summer. That doesn’t mean that it’s too late to schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment though! Sure, it’s always ideal to have your maintenance services rendered in the spring when it comes to your AC but that doesn’t mean you should just ditch the idea of maintenance altogether. It’s not too late to call up our professional team great HVAC services in Irmo, SC. We have more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. We can keep your home cool this summer!

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Is It Time to Repair or Replace?

May 20th, 2019

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what the right step to take is when you’re having trouble with your heating system. Just because you’re having trouble with the heater that you have in your home, doesn’t mean that you’re ready to get rid of the whole unit. How can you know when this is necessary? Without professional expertise, it can be hard to tell what the right move is. That’s where we come in. If you’d like assistance determining whether you’d like to repair or replace your heating system this winter, contact our team. When you need heating repair in Columbia, SC contact our team for quality service.

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It’s Time to Replace That AC Filter

May 6th, 2019

filterIt’s spring! We know that you’re taking measures to ensure that your home is ready for the warm weather. Maybe you’re even taking inventory of your life and using the season to do a little spring cleaning. No matter what you’re doing this spring, it’s a good idea to take some time to show your air conditioner a little extra love.  If you haven’t already replaced the filter on your air conditioner then it’s time to do so. If you do this and still want to give your HVAC in Chapin, SC a little extra love then make sure that you contact our team. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and we understand how to make get your home in gear just in time for spring!

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