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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Columbia, SC

If you live in Columbia, SC, you know how hot and humid our summers can get, and how valuable a good air conditioning system can be when the temperatures start to rise. This is doubly true for commercial settings, and if you’re a business owner or work as an office manager, a quality commercial air conditioning service needs to stay foremost in your mind. Commercial air conditioner not only needs to keep a larger space cool for more people, but it needs to respond to changing conditions such as new businesses occupying the space or updated equipment requiring specific temperatures to maintain correctly.

That means you need a reliable professional in your corner to install, replace, maintain and repair your commercial air conditioning service. A fly-by-night service will leave your system functioning less efficiently and more prone to breakdowns, all of which can drastically affect your bottom line. In Columbia, SC, the professionals at Fulmer Heating & Cooling have considerable experience in installing, repairing and maintaining commercial air conditioning systems. Let us help you with your system and rest a little easier the next time the temperatures start to rise.

Trust Fulmer Heating & Cooling for commercial air conditioning services in Columbia, SC.

Good Installation Means Great Efficiency

For canny business owners and office managers, the bottom line is always the top priority. So it can be a little daunting when faced with the prospect of installing or replacing a commercial indoor air conditioning system. It pays to remember that costs can be long–term as well as short–term, and in the face of our hot Columbia, SC summers, an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. That means trusting a high quality professional service like Fulmer Heating & Cooling to handle your commercial air conditioning installation completely. Our NATE–certified technicians will dot every "i" and cross every "t", ensuring that your new system works exactly as intended. We also use top–notch parts, which means they won’t wear out and force you to make repairs. Call us now to find out more!

Repair Sessions Can Limit the Impact on Your Business

Many commercial air conditioning systems in Columbia, SC use modular air conditioners, placed on the roof of the business so they don’t take up space. The modular approach makes a lot of sense, since you can add and subtract individual units as needed to keep the space cool. It also pays dividends when repairs are needed. In many cases, the problem is limited to just one or two units, which means you can continue to keep your space cool while the HVAC technician does his work. Fulmer Heating & Cooling has the skills and experience to handle repair sessions on commercial air conditioners, so call us today!

Maintenance Keeps your Commercial Air Conditioning System Functional

As important as a good repair service is, here at Fulmer Heating & Cooling we believe that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. That means scheduling regular maintenance sessions for your commercial air conditioning system in Columbia, SC. Ideally you should do it once at the beginning of the summer and once at the end, but at least once a year is absolutely necessary. That way, your system will perform more efficiently – lowering your monthly costs – and if repairs are needed, you can get a jump on them before they get out of hand, scheduling them off–hours so they won’t impact your business!