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Heat Recovery Ventilators in Columbia, SC by Fulmer Heating & Cooling

One of the benefits to living in Columbia, SC is the mild winters we experience compared to further north. That doesn’t mean we don’t get our share of freezing cold days, however, or that your heater doesn’t work overtime every winter to keep your home comfortable. Dealing with high heating bills is never anyone’s idea of fun, and when we close up our houses to keep in the heat, it creates a whole new set of problems (such as cold and flu bugs that spread through the air in your home).

Luckily, there’s an easy solution out there. A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) swaps the stagnant air in your home with fresh air from outside, all without losing any of the heat your furnace is working so hard to generate or forcing you to open a window on a cold and blustery day. The trained experts at Fulmer Heating & Cooling can install a new HRV in your home, then keep it maintained and repaired so it doesn’t encounter any problems. If that sounds like a good fit for your home and family, then call us today to discuss the matter at length. We’ll spell out your options for you and help you select the best one!

Trust the experts at Fulmer Heating & Cooling for heat recovery ventilator services in Columbia, SC.

Circulating Air with the Outside

During our cold nights in Columbia, SC, we tend to shut our doors and windows in order to keep the heat in. This comes on top of already high heating bills to keep the cold at bay, and can result in stagnating air where germs and flu bugs can circulate freely. The solution, of course, is to vent the air for fresh outside air, but how can you do that without opening a window to the freezing cold? That’s where HRVs come in. They link a pair of ducts via a heat exchanger. Fresh air is blown into your house through one duct and taken out through another duct. The ducts never come into contact, but the heat exchanger shifts the warm temperature to the incoming air from the outgoing air, ensuring that the temperature in your home always stays the same.

HRVs Help Your Heater and Your Indoor Air Quality

The system does more than just maintain the temperature. In the process, it makes it easier for your heater to maintain the temperature it needs to, without expending so much energy. Your bills will go down – up to 40% by some estimates – and your heating system will run far less risk of a breakdown or repair. Furthermore, by swapping the air out in this manner, it helps your home be purged of flu bugs and cold bugs, as well as preventing musty air from building up in your home. In the long run, your Columbia, SC home will benefit immeasurably from an installation.

Look to Fulmer Heating & Cooling for Quality HRV Service

For over 27 years, Fulmer Heating & Cooling has provided the people of Columbia, SC with reliable heating and air service at a reasonable price. We understand that you need an HRV to be installed in your home the right way the first time, then maintained carefully over the years and repaired promptly in case that’s required. We take pride in our service and reliability, and invite you to see what our trained staff can do. Whether you’re installing a new system or just keeping an existing one spic and span, we’re the ones to trust to do the job right!