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Commercial Water Heaters in Columbia, SC

If you are serious about keeping your commercial property running smoothly, then you need a great commercial water heater in Columbia, SC. It doesn’t matter if you operate a laundromat, a restaurant with a busy dish pit, or if you just want your employees to wash their hands with hot water before returning to their desks. A dependable commercial water heater is a must. And to get a great commercial water heater performance, you need more than a great system.

You also need to know that you are receiving top-quality commercial water heater services, brought to you by professional commercial plumbers that you can trust to do the job right, every time. That’s certainly the case when you hire Fulmer Heating & Cooling for the job. We’ll make sure that you have the right commercial water heater for your needs, and that it provides you with the best overall performance possible. Let us know what your commercial water heater service needs are.

Schedule your commercial water heater services with Fulmer Heating & Cooling.

Making Your Commercial Water Heater Installation a Success

If you think that you just point to a commercial water heater out of a catalog, have it hooked up to your water supply and distribution lines, and then call it a day, think again. A commercial water heater installation is a big project, and it’s not one that you want to take any chances with.

By scheduling your commercial water heater installation with us, you ensure that your system is properly sized, that it is has an agreeable efficiency rating, and that it will be able to handle the demand that you put on it. This is a major investment, and you need to treat it as such.

Is It Time For a Commercial Water Heater Replacement?

You definitely shouldn’t replace your commercial water heater just because it’s struggling a bit. You can expect the need for commercial water heater repairs from time to time.  However, there will come a point when your system is no longer worth repairing, or when repairs may not be possible at all.  Consider the following.

  • Is the tank itself leaking? If so, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Are repairs increasing in frequency?  If so, you may want to invest in a new system.
  • Are you facing a relatively rare repair, but it comes with a major price tag?
  • Is your system in need of a fairly basic repair, but quite old and near the end of the road?

When in doubt, contact a member of our team for guidance. We’ll help you to make the best decision for your commercial water heating needs.

We Repair Commercial Water Heaters (and Prevent Problems, too!)

Routine commercial water heater maintenance is the best way to keep your commercial water heater in the best working condition possible. No system is perfect, though. Even when your system is annually tuned up and flushed out as needed, you can count on problems developing eventually.

If you’re having trouble with insufficient hot water supplies, strange sounds coming from your water heater, or even the development of leaks, let us know right away. Are costs related to heating water skyrocketing? Then your system is likely in need of service.  Whatever your commercial water heater repairs in Columbia, SC, may entail, our plumbers are the ones you want on the job.