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UV Air Purifier Services in Columbia, SC by Fulmer Heating & Cooling

No matter where you live in the Columbia, SC area, no one likes to deal with germs and cold bugs. This is true for everyone, but especially if you have newborns, the elderly, or family members suffering from asthma in your home. Every step you can take to purify the air makes their lives a little easier. A UV air purifier is the ideal way to combat germs and other biological contaminants in your home. The system works by shooting a UV light across the apex of your heating ducts, where the air in your home slowly circulates. Though harmless to higher life forms like human beings and pets, the light will kill one-celled organisms on contact.

At Fulmer Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to install, maintain and repair UV air purifiers throughout the Columbia, SC area. We believe that a comfortable home is more than just a luxury, and we’re devoted to providing the very best service for homeowners throughout our community. If you think a UV air purifier is a good investment for your home, or you already own one and need maintenance or repairs on it, pick up the phone and call us today!

You can rely on Fulmer Heating & Cooling for UV air purifier services in Columbia, SC.

Installation Makes a Huge Difference

Few devices in your home benefit from a quality installation like a UV air purifier. In order for it to work, the light needs to stretch across the entire width of your ducts: forming an impenetrable barrier that even the smallest micron can’t help but pass through. That ensures the maximum efficiency for the minimum amount of space. But a poor installation can disrupt all of that, leading to misaligned UV lamps and other problems that can impact the effectiveness of the unit. Considering how much of a difference it can make in the health of your family, we believe that a high quality installation is vital to providing the very best your UV air purifier can provide. In Columbia, SC, count on Fulmer Heating & Cooling to do the job right.

Trust Us to Handle the Rare Repair Job

One of the great things about UV air purifiers is that they have few moving parts and thus rarely need repairs. When they do, the problem is usually connected to the electrical system powering the UV lamps, but it’s not a job you can trust to just anyone. You need a service that understands the specifics of this type of air purifier, not some general practitioner who relies on educated guesses. We can track down the source of the problem with total accuracy, then make repairs swiftly and effectively!

Maintenance Makes a Difference.

In Columbia, SC, weather and similar problems can create slow–burning issues for all of your household systems, including UV air purifiers. The solution is to schedule an annual maintenance session from Fulmer Heating & Cooling, designed to check the system for any problems and clean up all of the little details – such as changing the bulb before it burns out and cleaning dust off of individual components – before they cause any problems. We have the skills and experience to do the job right, helping you rest easy when it comes to the health and peace of mind a UV air purifier provides. Call us today!