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HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical Services in Chapin, SC

Your home relies on a pretty sizeable number of different systems to maintain the level of comfort that you’re used to. Every time you adjust the thermostat, your Chapin HVAC system is working hard to make sure that your climate is maintained. Those systems are put under a lot of strain over the years, which is why they need professional services in order to keep operating properly. Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers a full range of air conditioning and heating services throughout Chapin, SC. Whether you need a system installed, repaired, maintained, or replaced, our HVAC contractors can help.

Call today to schedule an appointment in Chapin, SC with one of our HVAC contractors.

We Provide Air Conditioning Systems & Services in Chapin, SC

When the days start to heat up during summer, you aren’t going to be able to keep comfortable just by turning on ceiling fans or opening windows. If you really want to beat the heat, you’re going to need a strong air conditioner installed in your home. That’s why we offer a full range of air conditioning services throughout Chapin, SC. Whether you need a system installed, maintained, repaired, or replaced, we can help you out. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians.

Ask About Our Geothermal Heating and Cooling Services

Geothermal systems are heat pumps, which means that they don’t burn fuel to create heat. Instead they evaporate and condense refrigerant to move heat between the home and the ground. Geothermal heat pumps use underground pipe loops filled with water to both siphon and vent thermal energy. They are able to act as both heaters and air conditioners. We install and service many kinds of geothermal systems.

We Offer Full Thermostat Services

It doesn’t matter what kind of air conditioning or heating system you have if you don’t have a thermostat of sufficient quality. You should have your thermostat serviced every year, and replaced every few years, in order to make sure that it’s as efficient as possible. Otherwise, you might see a decline in climate control efficiency. We install and service many kinds of HVAC thermostats.

Do You Need Heating Services in Chapin, SC?

Winters can get bitterly cold in South Carolina, which is why you’re definitely going to want a reliable heating system installed in your home. Trying to go without is bound to be terribly uncomfortable. Don’t subject yourself to a winter without heat. Call Fulmer Heating & Cooling today, and we’ll set you up with the best heating system for your needs. Whether you need a new system installed or an old one serviced, we can help you out. We’ll keep your home warm no matter how cold it gets outside.

We Install and Service All Kinds of Furnaces

Furnaces are a fairly old technology, as far as central heating goes. Despite their age, though, they remain the most popular heating system type in the country. They’re affordable, effective, and varied enough to fit nearly any heating need. If you need gas or electric furnace services of any kind, be sure to give us a call today. We can find the perfect furnace for you.

We Provide a Full Range of Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are pretty different from regular home heating systems, in that they don’t burn fuel to generate heat. Instead, they siphon and vent preexisting heat by using refrigerant. This method also allows them to act as either air conditioners or heaters, depending on the needs of the homeowner. We install and service a wide range of heat pumps throughout Chapin, SC.

Ask About Our Air Purifier Services in Chapin, SC

Every time you take a breath, you’re actually inhaling millions of microscopic airborne contaminants. These contaminants include dust, dirt, pollen, dander, germs, and mold spores. Normally, they’re widespread enough that your body can easily defend against them. In high concentrations, though, or over a long enough period of time, they can cause illnesses and exacerbate chronic health conditions. Humidity imbalances add to these problems, as well. If you want to improve your indoor air quality, give us a call. We offer a full range of air purifier, dehumidifier, and humidifier services.

We Provide Full Dehumidifier Services

Dehumidifiers improve chronically humid air by siphoning the excess moisture from it. If your air is too humid for too long, your body will have more trouble staying cool and mold will be more likely to grow in the home. A whole house dehumidifier is the best way to treat chronic humidity, and make sure that you stay healthy. Call us for more info.

We Install and Service Humidifiers of All Kinds

Just as chronic humidity is a problem for your health, chronically dry air is equally bad. If your air is dry for an extended period of time, your nose and skin will dry out and crack. This makes it much easier for germs to infect and sicken you. So, if your air is too dry you should invest in a whole house humidifier. Whole house humidifiers periodically release moisture into your home’s air in order to maintain a proper balance of humidity.

Commercial HVAC Services

Considering how much time most of us spend in commercial buildings, it is just important to our comfort to have good climate control systems in those buildings as it is to have them in our homes. Fulmer Heating & Cooling installs, repairs, maintains, and replaces commercial HVAC systems throughout Chapin, SC. Whether you need commercial heater or air conditioner services, we can help. Give us a call today and we can get started outfitting your commercial building with quality HVAC systems that fit your needs.


Have a backed-up drain or perhaps your water heater is encountering trouble? These are just some of the problems that you can count on our team to fix. The expert plumbers at Fulmer are here to keep your plumbing system and appliances working right.

We’ve served homes throughout Chapin, SC since 1985 and we are only a call away when you need help with your plumbing. We also deliver quality products and services for a reasonable price.

Electrical Services in Chapin, SC

Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive electrical services to homeowners in Chapin, SC. Our team of licensed electricians not only have the certifications and licenses to perform residential electrical services, but they also bring the experience and expertise that’ll put your mind at ease.