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Dehumidifier Installation and Replacement in Columbia, SC

Humidity is a serious concern in South Carolina, and although many people view it as nothing more than a minor annoyance, it can have some serious effects on your health. Indeed, having chronically humid air in your home will not only make you uncomfortable, but could make you sick as well. To combat chronic humidity, you’re going to need a whole house dehumidifier. Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive dehumidifier installation and replacement services throughout Columbia, SC. If you have chronically humid air in your home, call today and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that no matter how humid your air is, that it is restored to proper balance.

Fulmer Heating & Cooling installs and services dehumidifiers of all kinds in Columbia, SC.

The Problem with High Humidity

Everybody knows that humid days seem to be hotter than dry days. There’s actually a scientific reason for that. The higher the humidity level in the air is, the higher the evaporation point of liquids. This includes sweat. So, since it takes longer for your sweat to evaporate, your body takes longer to cool itself. That’s not the only effect of high humidity, though.

High humidity can also promote mold growth throughout your home, typically in dark places like air ducts and inside the walls. A number of different kinds of mold spores can be quite harmful to your health. Some types can even result in hospitalization. It is imperative that you prevent mold growth in your home by any means necessary.

How Dehumidifiers Work

Dehumidifiers work in a number of different ways. The most common type of residential dehumidifier is essentially an air conditioner and heater in one. First, it evaporates refrigerant to absorb thermal energy from the air moving through your ducts. As the air is cooled past the dew point, it deposits its excess moisture on the coil of the dehumidifier. The moisture then drains out of the system through a drain pipe. Then, the dehumidifier warms the air back up to its proper temperature without the extra moisture. This allows the system to remove moisture from your air without adversely affecting your climate control.

We Offer Dehumidifier installation and replacement Services

Installing a dehumidifier should only ever be handled by a professional. The system needs to be installed in the ducts of your home, which can be quite difficult without proper training and experience. The same goes for wiring the system into your home’s electrical grid, which can be quite dangerous for anyone but a trained technician. If you need a dehumidifier installed in your home, call Fulmer Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment.

A dehumidifier is a complex piece of equipment, and is susceptible to a number of issues brought about by years of normal use. You should have your dehumidifier professionally checked every year or two, just to make sure that it’s functioning properly. If your dehumidifier starts to seem as though it needs replacement, don’t wait! Call us immediately, and we’ll replace your system for you. We offer comprehensive dehumidifier services throughout Columbia, SC.