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Columbia, SC Indoor Air Quality Services

The air in your home may seem perfectly fine, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. Indoor air quality can be negatively affected by all sorts of factors, from humidity to microscopic airborne contaminants. These may not be that much trouble in the short-term, but over time they can have quite a deleterious effect on both your home and your health. If you want to protect yourself from the effects of bad indoor air quality, you should take advantage of our indoor air quality services. We offer a truly comprehensive range of indoor air quality services throughout Columbia, SC. Just call Fulmer Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

Call Fulmer Heating & Cooling for a full range of indoor air quality services throughout Columbia, SC.

What Happens If You Ignore Your Indoor Air Quality?

Now, you may be thinking that poor indoor air quality is not such a big deal. Maybe you sneeze or cough a little more often, but it’s nothing to be worried about. Wrong. Prolonged exposure to some airborne contaminants, even in small amounts, can provoke allergy attacks, increase the incidence of flu and cold infections, and even create chronic health issues like asthma. You have much more to worry about from airborne contaminants than the occasional allergy attack (although those are made worse, too.) Humidity imbalances are also an issue, as they can make it harder for your body to keep cool or defend itself against infection.

Which Indoor Air Quality Solution Is Right for You?

As you can see below, there are a ton of different indoor air quality solutions available on the market right now. You shouldn’t have to make use of all of them, or even most of them, to dramatically improve your indoor air quality. So, which should you choose? Whenever you’re unsure about which solution to install in your home, whether it’s indoor air quality, HVAC, or something else, you should always ask a professional you trust. Fulmer Heating & Cooling has many years of experience providing tailored indoor air quality solutions. We’ll find the right one for you.

Air Filtration Systems

An air filtration system is a system that removes airborne contaminants from your air. It is often installed in your ducts, and is comprised of a finely woven mesh stretched across a metal or plastic frame. The mesh is loose enough to allow air to flow through the filter, but tight enough to capture contaminants.

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are more active forms of air filters. Rather than passively waiting for contaminants to come into contact with them, air purifiers use a variety of methods like electromagnetism to draw contaminants into them. Contact us for more information on the various kinds of air purifiers that are available on the market.


High humidity makes it harder for your body to keep cool and promotes mold growth in your home. This can obviously be quite unhealthy, and so it behooves you to make sure that your home’s humidity levels are kept balanced. We install and replace a variety of whole house dehumidifiers.

Duct Sealing

The US Department of Energy has estimated that the average forced air system loses as much as 30% of its total output to duct leaks. That’s nearly a third of the total output that you’re paying for going to waste. Get your ducts sealed at least once a year, in order to make your heating system more efficient and effective.

Duct Testing

Before you can get your ducts sealed, you first need to have them tested in order to identify any leaks they may have. We offer thurough duct testing services throughout Columbia, SC. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our duct testing experts.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy recovery ventilators, or ERVs, allow fresh air to move freely between your home and the surrounding environment. They are constructed in such a way that humidity levels and air flow are exchanged, but without compromising the temperature inside the home. We install and service a wide range of energy recovery ventilators.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Heat recovery ventilators, or HRV, exchange air flow between the home and the surrounding environment, the same as an energy recovery ventilator. The difference between the two systems is that heat recovery ventilators do not transfer humidity between the home and the outside climate. We install and service a wide variety of heat recovery ventilators.


Air that is too dry can be detrimental to your health. It can cause your nose and skin to dry out and crack, making it much more likely that you’ll be infected by germs. A whole house humidifier is the best solution for this. We install and service a wide variety of humidifier systems.


No matter how good your climate control system is, it won’t be much good without proper insulation. Insulation hinders the movement of heat between the home and the outside climate. We offer a full range of insulation installation and repair services. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

UV Air Purifier

UV air purifiers work by giving off high (though not too high) amounts of ultraviolet radiation. They are usually installed in your ducts, so that they can treat all air that flows throughout your home. High concentrations of ultraviolet light kill off germs of various kinds, thereby lessening your chances of becoming infected. We install and service UV air purifiers.