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Furnace Services in Columbia, SC

Furnaces are the choice for heating in about 60% of homes across the US. These days, homeowners in Columbia, SC who want to heat their homes with a furnace can choose to use an electric or gas furnace, or you may already enjoy the benefits a furnace has to offer. In either case, you need to know that the HVAC technician you’ve hired for installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your gas or electric furnace is reliable, dependable and experienced. When you call the pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling, you’ll get this and more. Our heating professionals bring three decades’ worth of experience to every job we do, along with the latest tools and methods for getting the job done. Your furnace is too important to leave in the hands of someone inept; instead, call the specialists at Fulmer Heating & Cooling!

Call Fulmer Heating & Cooling for excellent installation and service of your gas or electric furnace!

Furnace Installation Services in Columbia

Are you having trouble deciding which type of furnace will be best for your home in Columbia? Let us help you. Deciding whether or not to use a gas or electric furnace is a very important decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. In some cases, such as not having access to a natural gas main line or no ability to have gas or propane delivered, your natural choice may be an electric furnace.

However, if your home can manage either type, you’ll want to look at some other factors, such as initial installation costs. Typically, gas furnaces cost more at initial installation than electric ones. But operating an electric furnace can cost more than a gas one. Working with an expert can help you vet these numbers to see which type of heater will be best for your home. Some homeowners may not be comfortable using gas or simply may not want to. Or, you may already have gas–using appliances in your home, making a gas furnace an easy choice. Let us help you determine which type will best fit your home and needs.

Call Us for Repair and Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance is critical to any heating system and our pros can make sure your furnace in Columbia is given the full tune–up it needs and deserves. The same goes for any repair work you may need: our pros are available day or night to make sure your furnace gets back on track and provides all the warm air you need.

Furnace repair and maintenance is not a good choice for DIY work, no matter how handy you may be. Instead, let our trained and certified experts handle all the maintenance and repair your electric or gas furnace needs.

Electric Furnace

Do you own an electric furnace, or are you considering installing one? Then we are the experts to call! Our pros bring 30 years of experience to each job we do, so you can rest assured that when you call us, the job will be done correctly the first time around!

Gas Furnace

All furnaces are formidable units, but a combustion furnace adds a fuel dimension that makes it necessary that only a trained expert ever work on your system. The heating pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling have years of experience working with gas furnaces, so call us when you need installation, repair, maintenance or replacement.