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Ductless HVAC Systems in Columbia, SC by Fulmer Heating & Cooling

Property owners have never had so many options when it comes to heating and cooling properties. In fact, there are so many choices these days that you may feel overwhelmed. However, not every system is going to be for you. There is one, though, that fits the bill for many people: ductless heating and cooling systems. These systems can be used in new properties, older properties and both residential and commercial properties. Why are they so versatile? A lot has to do with their setup. However, you won’t gain a single benefit from your ductless system if you don’t hire trained professionals for installation and service. The good news is that the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling are those professionals, and we are only a phone call away!

Do you need installation or service for your ductless HVAC system in Columbia, SC? Then it’s time to call the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling!

Why Consider a Ductless HVAC System?

It can be hard to break from tradition, especially if that’s what you are used to. And if you have traditionally used separate heating and cooling systems to maintain the comfort of your Columbia home, it can be tough to consider another type of system – until you see that system’s benefits. Here is why a large number of our customers currently use a ductless system to heat and cool their homes in the Columbia area:

  • Very good energy efficiency – the heat pump you will use with a ductless HVAC system uses absolutely no fossil fuels and about half the amount of electricity that a traditional AC uses. Additionally, you won’t lose any warm or cool air to ductwork.
  • Very easy to expand – a single outdoor unit of a ductless system can support up to four indoor blowers (some can support up to six). As long as you have the support you need from the outdoor unit, all you need to expand your ductless system is another indoor blower.
  • Long lifespan – the average lifespan of a heat pump is about 20–25 years. This is longer than that of separate, traditional heating and cooling systems, which typically last an average of 15 years.
  • Customized comfort year–round – the indoor blowers of a ductless system provide you with the ability to customize your comfort because each blower operates independently.

Common Ductless Repairs

One of the concerns homeowners have with any system is what kinds of common heating and ac repairs can they face with a particular system? Here are some of the more common one our Fulmer Heating & Cooling pros see with ductless HVACs:

  • Issues with the indoor blowers – the indoor blowers contain coils, a fan and an air filter. Any of these items can develop a problem that affects how the blower operates.
  • Problems with any of the lines in the conduit – each indoor blower is connected to the outdoor unit via a conduit that contains three lines: a power cord, the refrigerant line and the condensate line. If a problem develops with any of the lines (most likely with either the refrigerant or condensate line), it can affect the blower’s operation.
  • Problems with the outdoor unit – with the exception of the connection to the blowers, the outdoor unit of your ductless HVAC system is the same as any other air–source heat pump unit. This means that the outdoor cabinet will contain a compressor, condenser and heat pump technology. Should any issues develop with the components in the outdoor unit, your ductless system will eventually have issues operating correctly.

When you need prompt, expert service for your ductless HVAC system in Columbia, call the specialists at Fulmer Heating & Cooling!