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Package Unit Services in Columbia, SC by Fulmer Heating & Cooling

Are you looking for a single cabinet to house all of your heating and cooling components? Then you’ll want to consider a package unit for your home or business. While package units are typically associated with commercial properties, they can also be used for residential ones. As such, a package unit HVAC system will function as a 2-in-1 type of system. The heating and cooling pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling have years of experience with this type of unit. We can help you install, repair, maintain or replace your package unit system. It is always important to hire experts for any work that your package unit may need, and we are those experts!

Call Fulmer Heating & Cooling for all of your package heating and cooling system needs in Columbia, SC!

Types of Package Units

When you opt to install a package heating and cooling system, or need to replace one, you actually have four different types of packaged units from which to choose:

  • Packaged air conditioner – if all you need for your home in Columbia is air conditioning, this type of packaged unit has a single cabinet that houses the whole system.
  • Packaged heat pump system – a packaged heat pump system houses all of the system’s components in a single cabinet. It provides your home with both cooling and heating.
  • Packaged duel–fuel system – this type of packaged system offers cooling in the summer and heating for fall and spring. When the temperature goes below freezing, this unit will utilize either gas or propane to heat your home.

Repairing a Packaged Unit: It’s Very Accessible

You may be concerned about the kinds of repairs that come with a packaged unit, but you don’t need to worry for two important reasons: first, the repairs are not any more difficult than those of other types of units and second, you have the pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling on your side to help you with all your packaged unit repair needs! Repair issues depend a lot on the type of packaged unit you have. For instance, if you have a heat pump packaged unit, you may experience issues with the reversing valve or problems with the compressor.

An air conditioning–only unit may develop a refrigerant leak. What makes a difference with packaged units is how accessible they are for technicians: with all the heating and cooling components contained in a single, easily–reached location, some repairs can actually be easier with a packaged unit. The HVAC professionals from Fulmer Heating & Cooling have years of experience working with packaged units in both commercial and residential properties. These types of systems have a lot of benefits to offer, but you’ll be hard–pressed to see any if you don’t hire trained experts like ours for installation and service.

Let Us Perform Bi– Annual Maintenance

When you use a packaged system to provide your home with all the comfort it needs year–round, it is very important that you schedule your packaged unit for professional maintenance twice a year, ideally during the spring and fall seasons. A packaged unit is a 2–in–1 type of system, where all the components are housed inside one cabinet. This is why it is important to schedule maintenance bi–annually and not just annually, and the pros from Fulmer Heating & Cooling are ready to help!