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Columbia, SC Radiant Heating Systems

When you think of home heating, you probably think of a forced air system like a furnace or a heat pump. That’s no surprise, since those kinds of systems are by far the most popular home heating system types in the country. However, they aren’t the only option or even the best option by default. It is important that you always explore all of your heating options, so that you can find the system that meets your needs the best. That’s why you should take a look at radiant heating systems. Fulmer Heating & Cooling offers a full range of radiant heating system services throughout Columbia, SC. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, call us today.

If you need radiant heating services in Columbia, SC, call Fulmer Heating & Cooling today.

What Is a Radiant Heating System?

A radiant heating system doesn’t use air ducts to move heat. In fact, it doesn’t use air as a thermal medium at all. Radiant heating systems rely on transferring thermal energy (heat) directly between solid objects. The most common way to do this is with a boiler, but some radiant systems are entirely electric.

First, a network of either pipes or wires is installed in the walls or subfloor of every room in the house. Then, the network is all connected back to the central heating unit, which is either a boiler or generator. When hot water or electricity is pumped through that network, depending on the type of system you have, the heat from it radiates through the walls or floor and into the room. That’s why it’s called "radiant" heating.

The Benefits of Radiant Heating

There are a great many benefits to using radiant heating over a forced air system. First, you have to consider the comfort factor of the system. Air is a poor medium for transporting heat, as warm air tends to rise. This means that a room heated by a furnace or heat pump is going to be much warmer near the ceiling than it will be down by the floor, where people will need it the most. Radiant heating keeps the heat in the areas of the room where it is most needed, instead of creating hot/cold striations.

Radiant heating is also much more energy efficient than forced air systems. Boiler systems, especially, tend to be able to heat the home using less energy than systems like furnaces. This is because water tends to absorb more heat, and hold onto it longer, than air does.

We Install and Service Radiant Heating Systems

Installing a radiant heating system, regardless of the kind, is not an easy task. Most homes are not outfitted to make use of radiant heating systems, which means some changes have to be made to the structure before the system can operate. That’s why you should call Fulmer Heating & Cooling for all your radiant heating needs. Not only do we offer comprehensive installation services, but we also provide repair and maintenance services. We’ll make sure that your radiant heating system lasts as long as possible. Call today for an appointment.