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How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Kitchen Drains

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Drain flies are a common nuisance here in South Carolina. The sight of these little varmints congregating in your kitchen is particularly unpleasant when you’re trying to cook and eat. You might be wondering why you have them and wondering if it’s because your home isn’t clean enough. However, it often doesn’t have anything to do with kitchen and bathroom cleanliness.

If you have drain flies around your kitchen or bathroom drains, there are many things you can do to get rid of them. Drain flies can warn of a bigger problem developing in your plumbing so here’s what you can do to get rid of them once and for all. Just don’t try drain-cleaning chemicals! You are better off reaching out to us for plumbing repair in Lexington, SC to solve the problem.

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Why You Should Consider a Heat Pump

Monday, December 26th, 2022

If you’ve had to call for heater repair in Lexington, SC, you may be wondering how much longer your heater will last. While no one looks forward to the day their heater needs replacement, the good news is that there are other options for heating your home that might serve you better. In fact, homeowners have never had so many heating and cooling options!

Heat pumps are an ideal 2-in-1 HVAC option for our climate here in South Carolina. These energy-efficient systems could be exactly what you need to get the best level of year-round comfort for your home. If you’re not aware of the many advantages of heat pumps, read on to learn what makes these systems so special.

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Why A Loss of Refrigerant Is a Problem

Monday, July 11th, 2022

Refrigerant is the substance in your system that makes cooling your home possible. This chemical is cycled between liquid and gas form in order to pull heat out of the air from your home. Without refrigerant, your AC wouldn’t be much more than an oversized (and exoensive) fan!

Contrary to popular belief, refrigerant doesn’t get used up the way that fuel does. It is cycled repeatedly. In fact, your AC is installed with the appropriate amount of refrigerant to last it throughout its lifetime.

What does it mean when you start to lose refrigerant? It means that you need to schedule an air conditioning repair in Lexington, SC.

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Save Water; Address Leaks ASAP

Monday, June 27th, 2022

While we see our fair share of rainfall throughout the year, it is always good to consider ways to save water. This benefits both your monthly budget and, of course, the planet. As you may know, there are few larger waater-wasters than pipe leaks that go undetected for a long time.

Let’s address the importance of getting a plumber in Lexington, SC to address any leaks in your home. This is one of the most important ways to save water and keep your home plumbing in good shape.

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Get Expert Repairs If You Notice Your Heater Doing These Things

Monday, February 7th, 2022

Some people may want to try to avoid the need to schedule a heater repair in Lexington, SC. However, this can end up costing you more money in the longer run! Scheduling prompt repairs as soon as you notice trouble is truly the best way to stay warm without breaking the bank.

We understand the desire to avoid repair needs. But there are certainly times when it is best to call in the pros and get your system the expert service that it needs.

Let’s explore when it is best to get a repair from a professional technician.

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Poor Heating? You May Need a Furnace Fix

Monday, December 27th, 2021

Keeping your home and yourself warm shouldn’t be a battle. It should be as simple at throwing on a comfortable sweater and turning on your heater to help things out. If this isn’t the case for your home though it may be time to look at getting a helping hand.

When your furnace hits a speed bump, it is worthwhile to get an appointment to have it checked by a professional technician. This is especially true if you’ve noticed it isn’t producing heat the way it is supposed to.

Do you need to schedule a furnace repair in Lexington, SC? Here’s how to tell!

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Sounds That No Heater Should Make

Monday, December 13th, 2021

When you run your heater, have you ever taken the time to figure out what it sounds like? Probably not. Most people don’t mull over the sounds that their heater makes on a regular basis. What they do not have though is when that same heater starts to sound different.

Modern heaters aren’t able to run silently, let’s make that clear now. That said, there are plenty of noises you shouldn’t hear your heating system make. If you notice odd noises from yours, it may mean you need a technician to come to check things out.

Here are some of the sounds you never want to hear from your Lexington, SC heating system.

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Knocking Pipes Aren’t Ghostly, But They Aren’t Good

Monday, October 4th, 2021

Something strange is going on in your home. It sounds as if someone is knocking quite insistently on the walls in the house. This is strange if you know you are home alone and even stranger if you live on your own!

Before the spooky season influences things too much, we want to explain what is causing this noise. Rest assured, it isn’t a poltergeist—but it probably is a problem with your plumbing in Lexington, SC.

We can provide some explanation of what is creating this knocking noise in your plumbing system and how to fix it. Just keep reading to find out more or contact us now to schedule a visit from a trained plumber.

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5 Noises an AC Should Never Ever Make

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

There is nothing like a calm and quiet room that is chilled just the way you like it. But there are times when your air conditioning system starts acting up. Poor cooling is a big indicator something is wrong with your AC. One of the ways to catch an issue before your comfort is affected is to listen to hear if your AC is making weird noises. 

Although air conditioners are supposed to make some noise, which we hardly notice, unusually loud noises mean there is something wrong. So make sure you don’t ignore those strange sounds. Trying to delay addressing these noises can result in major expenses like pricey repairs or even an early replacement. Make sure that you seek help from experts like ours who provide quality services if you are looking for AC repair in Lexington, SC

But before that, let’s delve deeper and see which five noises an AC should never ever make.

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5 Things to Know About Geothermal Systems

Monday, April 26th, 2021

Picture living in a home where the temperature is always comfortable, and the heating and cooling system is nowhere in sight. The system performs efficiently without requiring a lot of repairs and regular maintenance. The air in your house always smells fresh, and you can hear the wind rustling through the leaves. Sounds comfortable, doesn’t it?

You can make this vision a reality with a geothermal heating and cooling system. Let’s see how geothermal systems work to provide comfortable heating and cooling as needed.

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