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Why You Should Consider a Heat Pump

If you’ve had to call for heater repair in Lexington, SC, you may be wondering how much longer your heater will last. While no one looks forward to the day their heater needs replacement, the good news is that there are other options for heating your home that might serve you better. In fact, homeowners have never had so many heating and cooling options!

Heat pumps are an ideal 2-in-1 HVAC option for our climate here in South Carolina. These energy-efficient systems could be exactly what you need to get the best level of year-round comfort for your home. If you’re not aware of the many advantages of heat pumps, read on to learn what makes these systems so special.

How Heat Pumps Operate

Traditional central air conditioners have a “split system” setup with an indoor evaporator unit and an outdoor condenser unit. Heat pumps are different in that the indoor unit comes in the form of a wall-mounted air handler which saves space. Heat pumps are also known as mini splits.

Heat pumps are 2-in-1 systems that you use to both heat and cool your home. They do this by reversing their refrigerant flow, moving heat out of the home in the summer, and moving heat back inside the home in the winter. With one system, you get year-round comfort.

Benefits of Heat Pumps:

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are a great option for those who want an eco-friendly system. Heat pumps use electricity instead of directly burning fossil fuels. Because they operate by moving heat, they use a lot less energy. According to the EPA, heat pumps can reduce electricity usage for heating by up to 50%.

Money Savings

A heat pump costs more to purchase due to the fact that it’s a 2-in-1 system. Keep in mind you’re essentially replacing both your air conditioner and your heater. But over time, you’ll save money through decreased heating and cooling bills. When you reduce your energy usage, you automatically reduce your energy bills along with your carbon footprint. 


Another benefit of heat pumps is that they don’t need ductwork. Ductless systems (also known as ductless mini splits) are a specific type of heat pump that doesn’t require air ducts. This saves space needed to install the ductwork for regular heaters. You’ll also eliminate the problems and cost of maintenance that can accompany ducted systems such as duct leaks, duct cleaning, and maintenance.

The Safer Option

Although the risks are minimal, combustion-based heating methods come with potential hazards. Because heat pumps don’t combust gas, they’re considered to be safer than traditional systems.

The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that because heat pumps work year-round, they need maintenance twice a year. They also need professional installation. If you’re excited about the many benefits of heat pumps, then it’s time to reach out to us for an installation. Only a trained technician can properly install a heat pump to ensure the job is done right.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling to answer your questions about heat pumps and to get your appointment set up.

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