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5 Noises an AC Should Never Ever Make


There is nothing like a calm and quiet room that is chilled just the way you like it. But there are times when your air conditioning system starts acting up. Poor cooling is a big indicator something is wrong with your AC. One of the ways to catch an issue before your comfort is affected is to listen to hear if your AC is making weird noises. 

Although air conditioners are supposed to make some noise, which we hardly notice, unusually loud noises mean there is something wrong. So make sure you don’t ignore those strange sounds. Trying to delay addressing these noises can result in major expenses like pricey repairs or even an early replacement. Make sure that you seek help from experts like ours who provide quality services if you are looking for AC repair in Lexington, SC

But before that, let’s delve deeper and see which five noises an AC should never ever make.

  1. Weird squealing noises

If your air conditioning system is making squealing noises, turn it off immediately. Usually, when the indoor blower or outdoor fan motors need repairing, they start making loud squealing sounds–what you are hearing is metal scraping against metal. Your system might even have a loose belt. Turning the air conditioning unit off will stop further damage from occurring until you can fix the issue.

  1. Whistling or hissing sounds

A loud whistling sound coming from your air conditioner can be quite annoying. However, if you hear such a sound, it is likely an indicator that there is a refrigerant leak in the AC unit, which can be dangerous for the air conditioning system and your family. You must turn off the system as soon as you hear whistling sounds and make sure that a skilled technician tackles the refrigerant leak.

  1. Gurgling or bubbling noises

Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your air conditioner is another sign that you may have a refrigerant leak in the system. The difference now is that the leak may be in the condenser, rather than the evaporator unit. If you hear these sounds, there might even be a blocked drain line. Whatever the cause, have a technician come by to check things out ASAP.

  1. Continuous clicking sounds

You don’t have to worry about a brief amount of clicking coming from your thermostat when your AC turns on and off. However, constant clicking and ticking may point to a problem with an electrical component. Bad switches, a faulty thermostat, or a damaged capacitor could be the cause of these sounds.

  1. Rattling noises

If your AC is making rattling noises, this most definitely means trouble and requires investigation. In most cases, rattling indicates there are parts in the system coming loose. You want to address this before these parts come completely free and create additional damage to the system.

If odd noises are coming from your air conditioning system, make sure to hire the best technicians in Lexington to get the job done. Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling to schedule repairs today.

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