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3 Possible Causes of Low AC Airflow


You are going to rely on your air conditioner heavily in the coming months to keep you cool. Let’s say you are testing the system to make sure it is ready for action and you notice something is off. Specifically, you notice that there is little to no airflow in one or more rooms in your house.

Poor airflow, even if the air you are getting is cool, is bad news. It is an indicator that something is off within your AC and you need to get it fixed right away. Read on to discover what might be causing the weak airflow so you know if and when you should reach out to us for air conditioning repair in Columbia, SC.

What is causing the problem?

There is more than one issue that can pop up which will mess with the flow of air in your home. Here are the three key culprits:

  1. A clogged air filter: Your system’s air filter keeps airborne contaminants out of its internal workings. If too much dust gets inside of your AC it can cause a lot of trouble. But that’s a subject for another day. Over time, and with regular AC use, that air filter can become clogged up with a hearty layer of debris which will hinder the flow of air into your system. No air getting in means no air coming out. This can also create additional issues like a frozen evaporator coil—yikes!
  2. Issues with your fans: The fans in your AC pull hot air in and push the newly cooled air into the home—when they work properly that is. Obviously, if something is wrong with the fans in your system it will cause airflow issues. A broken fan may not be able to draw air in properly or, on the other side of things, push it into the home effectively.
  3. Leaking ductwork: Last but not least, you might have a leak in your ductwork. While this leak won’t lead to water damage, it will allow the cool air your AC produces to escape into the crawl spaces or attic in your home before it can reach its intended destination. That leaves little to no cool air to reduce the temperature in the house. What’s worse, these leaks can allow warm, dirty air to get into the ducts and worsen your home comfort!

What if the airflow is strong but something else is wrong?

Poor airflow isn’t the only issue that your air conditioner might run into over the course of its lifespan. Be alert to other signs of trouble such as high energy bills, air that is too warm coming from the vents, signs of a leak from the condenser unit, or strange sounds starting up when you use the AC.

The best reaction to poor airflow or any other signs of trouble from your AC is going to be to reach out for repairs. A professional technician from our team will be happy to get your AC back in working order again.

Schedule your air conditioning system repairs with the team at Fulmer Heating & Cooling.

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