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Fulmer Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Featured on American Plumbers TV Show!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

The team here at Fulmer was thrilled to participate in an episode of the American Plumber TV series! Created by Pfister® Faucets, this show features the stories of plumbers who have followed their dreams and sometimes taken the road less traveled along the way. You can check out the episode by clicking this link. 

Highlighting plumbers and plumbing companies from around the US, these stories have inspired, educated, and entertained those who want to follow their own path to success as a plumber, whether as an owner or employee. 

We were so excited to have our company featured in episode 4 of season 1. With a theme of “Young Guns,” this episode highlights the “solution-based approach” to becoming a plumber with an emphasis on recruiting and retaining the next generation of plumbers. 

Watch the episode and learn about our efforts and involvement in training the next (younger) generation of plumbers in order to grow our business. You just might see a face you recognize as someone who’s performed plumbing services in your home!

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our company and our plumbing services in Columbia, SC!

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Are Geothermal Systems a Good Investment?

Monday, September 18th, 2023
Geothermal System Diagram

You’ve probably heard of ground source heat pumps, which have been climbing in popularity. A lesser-known option is the ground source heat pump, also known as geothermal systems.

Geothermal systems are also 2-in-1 systems that supply both geothermal heating and cooling with the added benefit of being the most energy-efficient climate control system on the market with the lowest carbon footprint and emissions. Keep on reading to learn if a geothermal system is a good investment for your home.

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What Are My Options for HVAC Replacement?

Monday, September 4th, 2023

Have you decided to finally invest in a central air conditioner and get rid of an inefficient window unit? Perhaps your tried-and-true furnace finally gave out and you’re ready to make the switch to a heat pump. Or maybe you have a new addition to your home and need an option for cooling that small space.

Whatever need you have for HVAC replacement, let’s go over your options for a new system. That way, when the time comes to pull the trigger on a new system, you’ll be an informed homeowner who knows exactly what system will be best for your home and family.

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Those Clogged Drains May Be a Main Sewer Line Problem

Monday, July 24th, 2023

A single clogged drain is a huge inconvenience. But when your home has more than one clogged drain in it, that’s when you have serious cause for concern. When your home’s plumbing system has multiple drains that are clogged, it’s a warning sign that there are other problems deeper down in the plumbing system, like in your sewer line.

The integrity of your home’s sewer line is vital not only to your home comfort and convenience, but to your health and safety as well. Sewer lines are responsible for taking all the waste that your household produces and sending it to a treatment plant or septic tank. All it takes is a small issue with your sewer system and, before too long, you could have a sanitation problem as sewage backs up into your home or yard.

With multiple drains clogged or backed up in your home, this isn’t something you should attempt to fix yourself. You need professional drain cleaning to get to the root of the problem. And that problem is likely the main sewer line. 

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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For the Cooling Season

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

Spring has certainly sprung up on us here in South Carolina. With the warm temperatures we’ve been having, you’ve undoubtedly made the switch from using your heater to using your air conditioner. The change in temperatures came so suddenly that you might have neglected scheduling AC maintenance in Columbia, SC, and it’s understandable how it slipped by you.

However, just because we didn’t have much of a shoulder season this year is no excuse to go without this essential service. In fact, it’s especially important to have it done now since it seems like we’re in for an extended cooling season. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to help make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. 

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Groundhog Day and Heater Maintenance

Monday, February 6th, 2023

On Groundhog Day this year, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. That means we’re supposed to get 6 more weeks of winter weather much to the disappointment of people everywhere. But have you ever wondered just how accurate Phil’s ability to tell the future is? Can a groundhog in Pennsylvania really have an effect on your heating in Columbia, SC?

Let’s take a fun look at just how accurate Phil’s ability to predict the weather is. Although you shouldn’t decide on whether to get heater maintenance based on whether a groundhog sees his shadow, we’ll also discuss the many benefits of heater maintenance. 

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3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Furnace

Monday, January 9th, 2023

Furnaces are the choice for heating in about 60% of homes across the US. If you have a furnace for heating your Columbia, SC home, you’re probably aware of the many benefits that come with furnaces. You’re happy with your choice for heating your home and plan on purchasing another furnace when yours is due for replacement.

But what factors should you take into consideration when it’s time to buy a new furnace? Although this might not be a priority in the immediate future, it’s smart to know what will influence your decision when you’re ready to buy. Here are three things to consider when it’s time for furnace replacement.

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5 Signs It’s Time For a New Water Heater

Monday, December 12th, 2022

Your water heater is your home’s workhorse, one that you depend on to do its job smoothly and efficiently. Think about how many times you use water hot water throughout the day. When the slightest things start to go wrong with your water, you immediately notice and it greatly impacts not only your comfort, but your health as well.

Imagine having lukewarm water when washing your hands, cold water when taking a shower, or even worse–no water at all. If you’re beginning to suspect that something is off with your water heater, you may be hoping that all that is needed is a simple repair instead of a replacement. But if you pick up on one or more of these signs, it means you probably need water heater installation in Columbia SC.

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5 Signs Your Heater Is Struggling

Monday, November 28th, 2022

The holiday season brings many merry and joyful things we’ve come to count on. Some of these include spending time with friends and family, enjoying delicious holiday treats, and having a warm and toasty home. 

Perhaps you’re not so certain that you’ll be able to depend on your furnace when you need it during the holiday season and into the New Year. If you suspect your furnace might leave you in the cold this winter, you need to know the warning signs that indicate you may need furnace repairs.

It’s better to schedule service at the first signs of trouble rather than wait. Getting repairs done early on will not only save money, but it’ll keep you and your family safe. Read on to learn 5 signs you need furnace repairs and why it’s so important to be able to recognize them.

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How Important Is Heater Maintenance?

Monday, November 14th, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered why routine heating maintenance is important, think of it this way. You wouldn’t neglect oil changes for your car or annual healthcare visits, would you? Just like with any complex system, routine maintenance is essential to its longevity and functionality. 

Whether it’s your body, your car, or your furnace, scheduling regular check-ups is key to avoiding unexpected hiccups with their smooth and efficient operation. In fact, it’s so important, we came up with an entire list of reasons why heater maintenance benefits you, your home, and your family. 

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