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Poor Heating? You May Need a Furnace Fix


Keeping your home and yourself warm shouldn’t be a battle. It should be as simple at throwing on a comfortable sweater and turning on your heater to help things out. If this isn’t the case for your home though it may be time to look at getting a helping hand.

When your furnace hits a speed bump, it is worthwhile to get an appointment to have it checked by a professional technician. This is especially true if you’ve noticed it isn’t producing heat the way it is supposed to.

Do you need to schedule a furnace repair in Lexington, SC? Here’s how to tell!

What Can Hinder the Heating Process of Your Furnace?

Your furnace may run into trouble over the course of its lifespan. One of the ways that you might notice a problem is that your furnace may not produce heat correctly. Here are some of the issues that may cause this:

  • Clogged burners: Dirt and debris may build up inside of your gas-powered furnace and delay ignition. Unless the debris is cleaned out during maintenance or repairs, this can strain your system, creating additional problems that will slow down the heating process.
  • Dirty air filter: No matter what kind of furnace you have, it needs steady airflow pumped into it in order to blow warm air into your home. Debris can build up on your air filter over time and slow down airflow. After a long enough period the air filter can become dirty enough to seriously impact airflow into your h=furnace and slow the creation of heat.
  • Faulty heating elements: If you have an all-electric furnace, your system will use electrical resistence to create warmth. It does this with its heating elements. If those heating elements develop problems due to bad connections or other issues it will make it hard to produce the usual level of heat you want.
  • Cracked heat exchanger: In a gas powered furnace, the combustion gases created by burning natural gas are held in a heat exchanger. Made of metal, this heat exchanger warms up and heats the air blown over it and into your home. If your heat exchanger develops cracks it will allow the combustion gases to escape, causing reduced heating but also putting your home at risk.

Other Furnace Problems To Be Aware Of

Poor heat production isn’t the only warning sign of trouble that your furnace might produce. Make sure to be aware of other indicators such as concerning noises, odd smells, high energy bills, and short cycling. Any of these symptoms should prompt a call to a professional for expert repairs.

When it comes to handling a furnace that is struggling to do its job, it is best to reach out to trained technicians like ours for help. Our team is staffed by individuals who are trained, certified, and knowledgable about how toget your furnace in working order again. What’s more, we are all dedicated to making sure you get the comfort you need.

Schedule an appointment for furnace services with Fulmer Heating & Cooling.

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