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Why a Heat Pump May Be the Best Heater for You


If you’re considering a new heater to get you through South Carolina’s cooler months, there is type of system that you should know about: the ductless mini split heat pump.

This wonderful home comfort system offers you energy efficiency, warmth, and year-round comfort while taking up far less space than a furnace might!

If you want to learn more about heat pumps, read on, and, when you’re ready, contact our team to discuss installation services for heat pumps in Columbia, SC.

There are a few key factors that are important to know about heat pumps. If you like all of them, then you may want to consider discussing installing a heat pump the next time you are in need of a reliable home comfort system.

No Ductwork Needed

Let’s be honest. While ductwork is often necessary for the transportation of heated and cooled air, they can be messy and expensive. Duct cleaning and duct repairs are services after all because we need to keep our ductwork in good shape. With a ductless mini split heat pump however, no ducts are needed, meaning you don’t have to worrying about upkeep!

Air Handlers Offer Customizable Comfort

Heat pumps provide temperature-controlled air through a series of air handlers placed throughout the home. While you’ll never be able to have cold air blowing in one room and heat in another, air handlers do allow you to customize your comfort. For example, you can heat the living room for Grandma when she visits, but keep the heat low or off in the kitchen while you’re cooking. This means no more thermostat battles!

Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are known for being very energy efficient. This means that for all the energy they use, there is a near equal amount of warmed air produced as a result. This, in turn, ends up saving you a pretty penny on your utility bills.

They Run Quietly

Everyone has heard the neighbor’s HVAC system kick on in the evening. The whole neighborhood hears it! But when you invest in a heat pump, no one will even realize that you have a heater running. Heat pumps are well-know for doing their job while making little to no noise, meaning the party will continue in comfort without anyone needing to yell to be heard over the heater.

Added Bonus: They Cool Your Home

Yes, we know it is winter, but we really wanted to tell you about this part. Heat pumps aren’t just heaters, they can cool your home too, thanks to their ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant within their system. This means two comfort systems in one neat package!

HVAC Services You Can Trust

Whether you have a heat pump that needs repairs, or a furnace you want to replace, our team can help. In business for over 30 years, Fulmer Heating & Cooling is proud to be able to provide the Columbia, SC, area with reliable and effective service options for home comfort systems.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling today to learn how we can help you.

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