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Steps to Safely Turn on Your Furnace


After a long toasty summer season it can seem like a chilly day appears out of nowhere. One night you go to bed in your T-shirt and shorts and you wake up wondering how you ever survived without sweatpants and a fuzzy socks. This sudden temperature shift only seems to worsen when you try to turn on the heat only to discover that your furnace isn’t cooperating.

You go to check on your gas furnace and discover, while peering through your blanket burrito, that the pilot light is out! Before you go to turn this little flame back on however, we want you to consider whether you truly know how to turn on your furnace safely.

The reason we ask is because lighting a furnace pilot light incorrectly can have some life-threatening consequences! That is why we want you to have this step-by-step guide to turning on your pilot light properly. We also want you to know that, should you feel even slightly uncomfortable with this task, we are only a quick call away.

We are in the business of making sure our clients and their families aren’t just comfortable, but they are safe as well. That is why we want to give you these guidelines on how to properly turn on your furnace.

Step One: Locate the Pilot Light Assembly

You knew where to look to see if the pilot light was out but do you know where the valve is that controls the gas to feed that light? If you do, then you are well on your way to Step 2. If you don’t, take the time to figure out where the pilot light assembly is. This is often located near the bottom of the furnace and presents you with a valve that gives you the options for “On,” “Off,” and “Pilot.”

Step Two: Turn the Gas Off

Yes, you read that right. This is an essential step even if it seems counterintuitive. You need to turn off the gas and wait five minutes before doing anything else to allow any gas in the area to fully dissipate—thereby getting rid of a big fire risk.

Step Three: Reset

Is the gas off and have you allowed ALL the airborne gas to clear? Great! Now you will want to switch the valve on your furnace to the “Pilot” setting. Once this is done, press and hold the reset on your furnace’s pilot control panel and hold a lit match to the pilot opening. When you have a brightly burning pilot light, switch your furnace valve back to “On.” If all is well with your system, your furnace should turn on and stay on now.

Does all this make sense? Even if it does we know the task of getting your furnace to turn back on can be a little tricky. That is why we encourage everyone to ask for professional help when it comes to working on their furnaces in Columbia, SC.

Are you in need of service for your furnace? Whether it is maintenance or repairs, we’ve got you covered! Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling today to schedule your next appointment.

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