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5 Signs It’s Time to Call for Furnace Repair

service-timeWe don’t have the world’s harshest winters here in South Carolina, but we do experience pretty cold temperatures in the middle of winter. It’s been cold for the past few months here and we know that you’ve relied on your heater more and more this season. When your heater is in constant use, the flaws in your system tend to come to light. The last thing you need during this time of year is a big heater malfunction.

If you need furnace repair in Columbia, SC then make sure that you call on our team. We put in the work. All our technicians are trained and NATE-certified so that they can give you the best service available in the area. If you’re unsure if you need heating repair and want to know the signs, keep reading below.  

You Just Can’t Get Warm

This one might seem a little obvious, right? But you’d be surprised just how many homeowners don’t notice when they’re struggling to heat their home. It’s so easy to ignore the signs. If you’re turning your heater up higher and higher or just notice your system taking longer to thaw out your home then your heating system is more than likely on the decline.

Your Home Has Dried Out Your Body

Notice that winter brings on dry hair, brittle nails, and dehydrated skin? We know that this is common during winter because of the cold conditions, but it can also become even worse within the confines of your home due to your furnace system. Have one of our professionals come out to your home to make sure that your furnace system isn’t drying you out!

Your System Goes Bump in the Night

Are you hearing weird noises coming from your heating system? Common furnace sounds that happen when your system needs repair are clunking, banging, rattling, grating, or squealing. Pretty much any noise that isn’t just unassuming background noise of air flowing through your home is a “bad” noise. If you’re hearing any of these noises, make sure that you call a heating professional sooner than later.

Short Cycling

Notice that your heater starts, runs for a little bit, but then suddenly shuts off just to start back up again shortly after? You’re experiencing “short cycling.” Short cycling is such a big problem because it’s so hard on your heating system. When you experience this you’ll probably notice that it’s accompanied by high heating bills and a shorter lifespan for your heating system.

Lots of Dust

If you keep dusting your home constantly just to notice more dust has accumulated shortly after, then you need an HVAC professional from our team to assess your ductwork. Excess dust occurs when your furnace system isn’t operating as it should. You need an HVAC professional to get your system back to top shape when you notice this problem. This is a sign of furnace problems that we really like to highlight because it’s so seemingly innocuous—don’t ignore this sign!

If you need furnace repair in Columbia make sure you contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling, we’re a smart conscientious team that always provides expert care to our customers.

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