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Tune Up Your Air Conditioner Before Summer Hits

AC-technician-at-workIt is March, and that means unpredictable weather. Some days we’re climbing up near or into the low 80’s, while the next sees us dropping back down into the 60’s. This level of unpredictability can be frustrating, but it also means that the warmth of the summer season is on its way back into our lives once more. Of course, that means that you need to get your AC ready for action.

In order to do so, you need only dial our number to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance with some of the finest AC technicians around. You don’t need us to tell you that your air conditioner is going to be working under an immense amount of stress for the coming months. Thorough and regular air conditioning maintenance in Columbia, SC is necessary if you want your system to excel in its operation. 

Yes, Every Year

Some homeowners think that they can get away with having their air conditioners tuned up every few years, rather than every single year. These are the homeowners that we often wind up visiting during the hottest time of the year, when their air conditioning systems are not living up to their cooling demands. What is important to remember is the fact that a poorly maintained air conditioning system is not necessarily going to give out on you entirely and break down. However, it is highly unlikely that you are going to get the very best performance that your air conditioning system has to offer if you fail to schedule annual maintenance. The negative consequences may manifest themselves in a few different ways.

  • Reduced cooling efficiency is definitely one of the most common results of subpar maintenance practices. We run our air conditioners so much for so long in this part of the country that cooling bills can really add up if your system is not working as efficiently as it should. The energy savings made possible by routine maintenance are a huge incentive.
  • Unreliability is another major disadvantage of the poorly maintained system. If your air conditioner is not tuned up, it is much more likely to develop operational problems that could impede its operation. Plus, routine maintenance offers a great opportunity for your technician to find and deal with existing problems before they cause serious trouble.
  • Shorter system lifespans are a long term concern for poorly maintained air conditioners. If you force your system to work in compromised condition season after season, that wear and tear is going to take its toll. By scheduling routine maintenance, you are protecting the investment that you’ve made in your HVAC system.

Leave Your AC Maintenance to Our Professionals

Handy a homeowner as you may be, there are certain tasks and jobs that only skilled professionals can handle. This is certainly the case with air conditioning maintenance. It entails much more than simply changing out an air filter and cleaning the area surrounding the condenser. Electrical wiring, relays, and contacts must all be checked, refrigerant levels measured, parts lubricated, and much more. The best way in which to enjoy a great performance from your AC, as well as a few added benefits, is to enroll in our own maintenance program.

Let Fulmer Heating & Cooling keep your AC in great working condition.

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