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7 Ways to Protect Your Air Conditioning


With proper care, your air conditioner can last more than a decade. Sometimes, an AC system lasts twelve or thirteen years. Under ideal circumstances, it won’t even require repair often. But without proper care, it might only last six or seven years, and it might need expensive repairs during that time.

You want to get the most out of your investment, and that air conditioner was definitely an investment. So what do we mean by proper care? We’ll tell you seven ways to make sure your air conditioner is protected and cared for so it will work as well as possible for as long as possible.

1. Annual Maintenance

Once a year, generally in the spring, have an HVAC technician come give your air conditioner a check-up. This will involve cleaning, lubricating, inspecting all parts of the system, and testing the electrical components. Wear and tear will be lessened, and small concerns will be caught early. It will boost efficiency, reduce repair needs more than 50%, and maximize the lifespan of your system. 

2. Air Filter Changes

Once a month (or every 2–3 months when you use the AC less) you must make sure the system has a clean air filter. This protects it from particles and fibers and keeps air flowing well through the indoor unit. Some filters are disposable and should be replaced. Others are reusable and can be washed and dried. Check your owner’s manual for details if you’re unsure what to do.

3. Airflow Around the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is where the heat that was carried out of your home needs to be dispersed. Don’t let anything crowd it, or the heat won’t dissipate enough before the refrigerant heads back into the house. Trim back plants, trees, and shrubs. Rake away lawn clippings or leaf litter.

4. Cleaning the Coils

To allow the indoor coils to absorb as much heat as possible, you want them dust-free. You can gently blow them off with canned air. To allow the outdoor coils to release as much heat as possible, they need to be clean, too. Spray them with a gentle hose if they are dirty.

5. Guard Against Pets

Our beloved fur friends can cause serious AC damage. Keep dogs who might mark territory away from the outdoor unit, or their urine will corrode it. Keep puppies, kittens, rabbits, or other nibbling gnawers away from the indoor unit and any cords or wires. And if you have multiple or heavily-shedding pets, change that air filter a little more often.

6. Reduce Your Use

Keeping humidity down with a dehumidifier and keeping air moving with ceiling fans will both make you feel cooler at the same temperature, allowing you to raise your thermostat several degrees. And blocking the sun from windows and keeping your cold air in by using weather stripping in drafty places will also help the air conditioner run less, reducing wear and tear.

7. Prompt Repairs

If you do notice that anything is wrong, get repairs immediately. Waiting can allow a small issue to turn into a much bigger one! Prompt AC repair in Pomaria, SC can keep your system running for many more years.

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