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Air Conditioning Tip: Don’t Skip a Tune-Up!

AC-techniciansWhile homeowners in many areas of the country are getting ready to pack in their ACs for the season and switch over to their heating systems, we still have plenty of cooling ahead of us in the coming days. While it may seem a bit late in the season to be talking about an air conditioning tune-up, the fact is that if you’ve gone this far into the season without one, you still need to have one! If nothing else, you’ll be getting your system onboard for an end of the year maintenance schedule.

Chances are that you’ve seen us talk about the importance of routine maintenance if you have visited this blog or our website before. Because air conditioning in Columbia, SC is so important, we want to take today’s post to reiterate why it is that you cannot afford to skip over even one maintenance visit. Read on, and let the AC maintenance professionals on our team help you to get the most from your home cooling system.

It Wastes Your Money

Think that skipping routine maintenance is going to save you some money? Well, first of all, you should really think about joining our maintenance program if you are concerned about the cost of maintenance. You get not only a thorough precision tune-up, but you’ll also enjoy many added benefits to sweeten an already great deal.

That being said, you should also know that paying for maintenance is one of the most effective ways to actually save money. Why? Because all of the work that you demand of your air conditioning system over the course of the heating season is really going to add up in terms of wear and tear. If you want your system to function at peak efficiency levels, you need to have it tuned-up annually.

It Puts Your System At Risk

Skipping an annual tune-up won’t only lead to higher energy costs. It can also put your air conditioning system itself at an increased risk of repair needs. That will only waste your money further. By having your system tuned up annually, it will work as reliably as possible.

No, air conditioning maintenance cannot make any air conditioner 100% reliable. No mechanical system is. It can definitely optimize reliability, though, and keep your system from breaking down during the hottest time of the year, just when you actually need it the most.

It Shortens System Life

When you invested in your whole-house cooling system, you were undoubtedly hoping to get the best return possible on that investment, right? Why, then, would you run the risk of allowing your AC to have a shortened lifespan due to insufficient maintenance practices? It really doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Your air conditioner is not going to last forever, obviously. However, it is going to degrade and give up on you much faster than it otherwise would if it were well-maintained. You rotate your car’s tires, change the oil, and have it inspected to keep it performing admirably. You have to show your air conditioner the same level of TLC if you want it to succeed.

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