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AC Repair Warning Signs

Considering how hot it gets and remains around here, along with the fact that we are currently in the grasp of the August heat, it is pretty safe to assume that your air conditioner is up and running pretty much all the time. However, it is important that you remember that the fact that your air conditioner is running does not mean that it is running properly. Not all operational problems are going to cause your system to break down immediately — but they certainly can if given the time necessary for doing so. service-time

It is for this reason that learning to recognize the need for professional air conditioning repairs is so important. There are a lot of problems that may develop with your air conditioning system in Columbia, SC, especially considering how hard we run ours in this area. Most problems are going to give you some warning signs that trouble is brewing, which allows you to act quickly to resolve them — provided that you know what it is that you are looking for.

Is the Air Lukewarm?

One of the most obvious signs of trouble with any air conditioning system is a system that is blowing warm air from its vents. After all, the entire purpose of running your air conditioner is to keep the house cool, right? If you notice warm air coming from the vents, don’t just tell yourself that it’s really hot out, so the system is struggling. Have the situation assessed and enjoy the quality cooling output that you deserve.

Are Energy Costs Spiking?

Even high-efficiency air conditioning systems are going to cost you money to run. However, considering that we run our air conditioners pretty regularly around here, you really should have a good idea of just how much it costs to run your AC. If you have not been using your system any differently than usual, but notice a big spike in energy costs, you could have a damaged system that is running at decreased efficiency levels.

Do You See Ice Forming?

Contrary to what you may think, ice on an air conditioner is never a good sign. We understand that some people may see this ice on their systems and assume that it just means that their systems are working a bit harder than they should be. An AC is not a freezer, though, and ice on the evaporator coil and/or refrigerant lines could indicate a problem such as a refrigerant leak.

Does Your System Make Strange, Loud Sounds?

You know your own air conditioning system and you know the sounds that it usually makes when it is up and running, right? Well, if you notice that your system is making very loud noises, or even making sounds that you’ve never heard before, let us know right away. You really don’t want to ignore such signs of trouble, only to realize that what you were hearing was your system begging for help!

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