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Your Heater Must Be Properly Sized for Your Home

This is not really the time of year that most homeowners are scrambling to buy a new heating system. After all, you’re probably running your heater pretty regularly right now. If your heater should break down on you, however, or if you’re just thinking ahead to a replacement once the seasons change, you may be giving your next heater some serious consideration already.

It is a decision that you certainly cannot rush into if you want to be happy with the outcome, though. In addition to choosing the type of heater, which fuel you’ll use, etc., you also need to know that your heater is of the right size for your home. It requires more than just knowing the square footage of your living space. When we install your heater in Columbia, SC, it will suit your home perfectly.

Undersized Heater Issues

Is your heater too small for your home? If so, you have definitely run into some problems. When a heater is too small, it is obviously going to struggle to heat the house that it is installed in effectively. Because of this you’ll not only be uncomfortable, but you’ll also be paying too much to heat your home at the same time! Your heater is going to run more frequently than it should have to, and that will drive up energy consumption and fuel costs. Plus, it puts a lot of wear and tear on the system, so you could wind up with increased repairs needs.

Oversized Heater Issues

Okay, so just buy the biggest heater available, right? NO! If your heater is too big, you’ll experience similar problems but for different reasons. Short cycling is at the root of most of them. When your heater is too big, you wind up heating your home too quickly. That may not sound so bad, but it means that your heater will shut down and start up too frequently. That leads to higher costs and excessive wear and tear on the system. Too big is no better than too small.

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