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Proudly Serving The Columbia Area Since 1985


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Learn the Warning Signs of Heating Repair Needs

Just because our winter weather may not be quite as severe as the heat of summer is around here is no reason to ignore the signs of trouble exhibited by your heater. When you first notice that your heater is struggling or operating unusually, pick up the phone to give us a call. Prompt heating repairs in Prosperity, SC are always in your best interest.

If you really want to get out ahead of any heating problems that you may encounter, of course, then you need to learn the warning signs that repairs are necessary in the first place. You don’t want to wait for a complete breakdown, after all. Keep your eyes, and the rest of your senses, peeled for these signs of trouble.

Burning Odors

As you’ll come to realize, most problems with your heater could be the result of a few different problems. That is why getting a professional diagnosis for the problems that you encounter is so important. Take burning odors, for instance. This is a pretty clear cut case that something is amiss. Is it an issue with a dirty burner, though? Or are you looking at something potentially more serious, like an electrical problem causing wiring to overheat? Only a professional heating technician can tell you for sure.

Short Cycling

Does your heater start up, run briefly, then shut back down, only to repeat the process over and over? If so, it is short cycling, and that is a big problem. If the system has always short cycled, then it may just be too big for your home. You may also be overheating the system by failing to change its air filter regularly enough. The issue could also be caused by malfunctioning equipment like thermocouples, flame sensors, or even your thermostat, though. We’ll diagnose the problem correctly and resolve it completely.

Unfamiliar Sounds

When your heater starts to rumble, grind, screech, etc., you need to contact us right away. Just because it is still putting out heat does not mean that these are not serious signs of trouble! Aside from the sound of it starting up and perhaps forcing air throughout the home, your heater should be fairly quiet. If yours is suddenly making a racket, repairs may well be needed.

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