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Don’t Ignore Strange Heating Sounds

During the winter months, you need your heater to function as effectively as possible. Otherwise, your comfort is just not going to be protected. Any problems with your heating system will put its overall condition at risk, along with its efficiency level. If you want to avoid paying more for a weaker heating output while also putting your heater at risk of damage, don’t ignore signs of trouble.

Some of the most common indicators of heating problems are strange sounds. If your heater in Newberry, SC is making strange sounds, contact a member of our team right away. We’ll figure out precisely what is wrong. That way, we can get your heater back on track before any serious damage is done.

Banging Sounds

Any strange sound could have a number of different potential causes, which is why having any such sounds inspected by a trained professional is so important. Banging sounds could be the result of expanding and contracting ductwork, which is really nothing to worry about, provided that it is not a constant issue. It could also be the result of a component that has worked loose in the system and is banging up against others, though, which is a considerably more serious problem.

Screeching Sounds

Is your system screeching at you as you try to heat your home? If so, you may have moving parts that are insufficiently lubricated, and causing a lot of excess friction during operation. It’s also possible that you have a worn belt somewhere in the system. Replacing worn parts and adding necessary lubrication before damage is done or your heating is interrupted is obviously the way to go.

Rumbling Sounds

If you use a radiant heating system that utilizes a boiler, the rumbling sound could indicate that water is boiling. Contrary to what the name may lead you to believe, this is not what your boiler should be doing. A layer of scale at the bottom of the system could cause the water under it to overheat, leading to the problem.

Fulmer Heating & Cooling can handle any heating services that you may need.

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