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Furnace FAQ: What’s This Strange New Sound?

Generally speaking, a properly functioning furnace should operate pretty quietly. Yes, you may hear the sound of the furnace cycling on, depending upon its location in your home. You’ll probably also hear some mild noise as heated air is forced through the ductwork in your home.

Your furnace should not be noisy enough to disrupt your thoughts, though, and it should not be getting noisier and noisier as the heating season goes on. If your furnace in Prosperity, SC is making alarming new sounds, do not hesitate to schedule repairs with a member of our team. Doing so sooner rather than later can help you to avoid potentially serious operating problems. 

  • Screeching or whining sounds are among the most common warning signs that something is wrong with the furnace. The problem most often at the root of this issue is also a fairly simple one to resolve. Typically, this screeching is the result of a slipped, frayed, or otherwise compromised belt. Replacing the belt is easy for a trained professional, but don’t ignore the problem long enough for the belt to break entirely. You’ll be left with a nonfunctioning furnace until the replacement can be made.
  • Grinding sounds are somewhat more alarming. You could have bearings in need of lubrication, or a part within the system may have come loose and gotten itself lodged into the moving parts of the blower. Never ignore a grinding sound, or any scraping that sounds like metal against metal. Doing so increases the risk of further damages.
  • Booming and banging sounds coming from the furnace may be the most worrisome of all. It’s possible that your ductwork is just booming as it expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. Dirty burners and issues with igniters could also lead to delayed ignition, though. That allows fuel to build up and to ignite with more of a boom than it should.

Whatever the problem may be, count on Fulmer Heating & Cooling to resolve it entirely.


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