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Keep Your AC Working Properly This Summer

AC-technicianWe know that some people scour the internet for information about how to ensure that their air conditioning systems never encounter operational problems.  The answer to this question, of course, is that no air conditioner can truly make that claim. Your whole-house cooling system is a mechanical system, and that means that it will require AC repair in Columbia, SC eventually. When it does, you really want to make sure that those repairs are completed as soon as possible.

To do so, you must first learn to recognize the signs that your air conditioner is in trouble. That way, you can avoid damage to your system that could develop if the problem was left alone for an extended period of time. You also must learn how you can keep your air conditioner working properly throughout the summer season, which is really the focus of our post today. Read on, and remember that you can count on our team to repair your AC when–not if–problems do develop.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

Do you know what the air filter in your air conditioner is there for? Contrary to somewhat popular belief, this filter is not really there in order to improve indoor air quality throughout the house. Instead, it serves to protect your air conditioning system from the problems that can develop when dust, dirt, and other debris build up on components of the system itself.

Now, your AC technician will change your air filter during your annual tune-up: more on that below. However, this air filter is typically going to need to be changed once every 1-3 months, so an annual swap-out really is not going to cut it. Fortunately, changing the air filter is simple and helps not only to boost energy efficiency, but also to prevent damages due to increased airflow resistance leading to excessive wear and tear.

Keep the Condenser Clean

The outdoor unit of your AC is the condenser unit/compressor, where refrigerant is condensed in order to release the heat that it has removed from the air in your home. It has a fan on top of it. Should any debris land on that fan, or if the unit is covered with grass clippings or other yard waste, then your system is going to struggle to do its job.

Make sure that you keep this unit clean if you want to avoid AC repairs. No, you should never attempt to open it up and give it a deep clean. You can hose it down, remove tree branches that may fall on it, and rake around it, though. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way. Speaking of which—

Schedule Annual Maintenance

This is the big one, folks. There is no better way in which to keep your air conditioner in great working condition than by having it tuned up regularly by a skilled,  experienced technician. Those are the only types of individuals that you’ll find on our team.

Let us inspect and tune up your air conditioner annually. That way, you’ll be able to cool your home with well-earned confidence.

Contact Fulmer Heating & Cooling for your AC service needs.

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