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How You Can Boost AC Efficiency

house-and-money-seesawThis is not a blog post about how you can start cooling your home for free. That is just not possible. If you are serious about cooling your home as efficiently as possible, though, then this is definitely the post for you! And before you click away, allow us to put your mind at ease. This is not all going to boil down to “pay us to install a brand new, high-efficiency air conditioner for you.”

Sure, investing in a new, high-efficiency AC will get you the results that you’re after. And we are more than capable of and happy to install your new system for you the right way, provided that’s what you’re interested in. If, like so many homeowners, you just want to make sure that you’re getting the most efficient performance from your current setup, though, then read on and remember to let us handle your HVAC services in Lexington, SC.

Upgrade that Thermostat

Look, we said we weren’t going to tell you to replace your entire AC system. We didn’t say anything about one little component. Of course, calling your thermostat a “little” component is seriously undermining just how important a component that thermostat really is. That thermostat, after all, serves as the regulatory device for the entire air conditioning system!

If you are not able to use your thermostat to accurately and effectively regulate temperatures, you’re going to have a hard time balancing comfort and efficiency. And if you’re using an outdated thermostat, you can count on this being the case. Upgrade old manual thermostats and the most basic digital models to programmable thermostats for better comfort and efficiency, or call now to learn about all that smart thermostats can do for you.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

I want to actually cool my house down, not get a bit of a breeze going! C’mon!

Calm down folks—those ceiling fans are actually the perfect supplement to your air conditioning system. While a ceiling fan won’t actually cool the air down—you’re right about that much—celing fans can help you to cut down on your cooling costs. How?

By helping to more evenly and effectively distribute conditioned air throughout your house, that’s how! When you are able to better distribute cooled air throughout your home, it is going to feel more comfortable and will have fewer hot spots. And that means that you can even dial back the thermostat a little, taking some strain off of your AC and using less electricity, too.

Get Your Air Conditioner Tuned Up Annually (By a Pro!)

There it is, the single best way in which to ensure that your air conditioner is functioning at peak efficiency levels. Routine maintenance is,  without exception, the single best AC-related investment that you can make. Even the best air conditioner is going to suffer a lot of wear and tear over the years. Ignoring the system’s maintenance needs will only allow that wear and tear to reduce its efficiency levels more and more.

Schedule your AC maintenance with Fulmer Heating & Cooling.

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