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How to Prepare Your Heat Pump for the Seasonal Switch


We know that heating isn’t going to be a concern for many residents around here for a while yet. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make sure your heat pump is prepared for the switch from cooling to heating mode. After all, what better time to get ready for the heating season than when you aren’t depending on your home comfort system to actively heat your house.

Checking on your system ahead of time saves you time and stress when the time comes to switching the flow of refrigerant in the heat pump. If you are wondering how you can best prepare your heat pump for the seasonal switch, we have the answer. You can reach out to us for the services that will ensure your home stays comfortable no matter what it is like outside.

What Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Ready for the Switch

Heat pumps have the unique ability to both heat and cool your home. This means these systems offer the comfort of two systems in one. While this is a convenient feature, it doesn’t mean that it won’t take any preparation to ensure your heat pump can get the job done right.

These are some of the basic steps that go into getting your heat pump system ready for switching from summertime cooling to wintertime heating mode:

  • Clean the filters: Your heat pump needs to have its filters cleaned every one to three months. This helps prevent a variety of problems that could pop up when it is cooling or heating your home. If you haven’t already, make sure to check on those filters when you start preparing your heat pump for a switch from cooling to heating mode.
  • Do a test run: This one can probably wait until the temperatures are a little lower than they have been recently. Once things are no longer sweltering, switch your heat pump from cooling mode to heating mode and raise the temperature on the thermostat again.
  • Listen for any odd noises: When you do that test run for your heat pump, keep your ears on the alert. Noises like hissing, rattling, clanking, and other concerning sounds are all signs you need to reach out for professional assistance.
  • Schedule maintenance: Last but certainly not least, schedule an appointment for heat pump maintenance with our team of professionals. This will be the best thing you can do to ensure your heat pump is ready for switching from cooling to heating mode. We can clean off the evaporator coil, make sure the filter is clean, tighten any loose parts, and address anything else that could otherwise hinder your system’s ability to keep you comfortable.

If you aren’t comfortable with checking on your heat pump system, you can trust the team at Fulmer Heating & Cooling to help you out.

When you need service for your Lexington, SC HVAC system, you can turn to Fulmer Heating & Cooling for the service you need. Contact us today.

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