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Do You Know How Important Your Air Filter Is?


There are a lot of different moving parts involved in the operation of your air conditioner. Now, we aren’t saying that there are any parts that aren’t important. But there are some that are underestimated in the role they play. One of these parts is the air filter for your AC.

If you haven’t checked on your air filter, or you don’t know why you should bother, we would love to give you some extra information on the role of this part of your system. You don’t want your filter to go unattended for too long because it will cause major problems for your comfort this summer.

What’s Up With Your AC Air Filter?

There are some things you should know about the role of your air filter in your air conditioner. Understanding more about this part of your system can help you stay comfortable and save money too.

Your filter protects your air conditioner from getting dirty

When most people think about an air filter, they think that this part of the system is made to stop dust and debris from entering your home. This isn’t actually the case because this filter is meant to stop debris from entering your air conditioner and causing trouble for the system itself.

Your filter can get overly dirty

Your AC filter is going to help keep dirt, fur, and other debris from getting into your system. That means over time though, there is going to be a slow but steady build-up of dust gathering on your filter. If it gets overly dirty, this can cause problems for your AC.

The AC filter needs to be sized just right

Did you know that the sizing of your AC filter matters quite a bit? It isn’t just about keeping your filter clean and clear; it’s about ensuring that it isn’t too weak or too strong. If the filter is too strong, it can restrict airflow and if it is too weak the filter won’t do your system much good.

What Happens With a Bad Filter?

So, what could happen if your filter is too dirty or sized incorrectly? There are several problems that might pop up including:

  • A dirty evaporator coil: This can make it hard for your AC to cool air and can lead to it icing over.
  • Low airflow: If your filter isn’t sized right and hinders airflow it means little to no cool air for your home.
  • The air from your vents is dirty: An overly-clogged filter may start to let dirt into your system which then blows through your ducts and into your home.

Your air filter is just one seemingly small part of your AC system, but it plays a big role in your comfort as you can see. If you need help keeping your AC filter in working order or you need any other types of AC repairs in Columbia, you should reach out for services provided by a professional to ensure the job is done right.

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