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5 Signs Your Toilet Is in Trouble

What is one bathroom appliance that you really don’t want to live without? While we’d all be sad to be without a warm shower, it is safe to say your toilet is about as vital as it gets. When something is wrong with this highly important plumbing appliance, you will want to have a professional plumber come by to see if you need a toilet repair in Columbia, SC.

A malfunctioning toilet may not always be overly apparent. You can still flush it, so how do you know something is wrong? Here are the signs that should alert you to when something is up with your toilet and you need to call in the experts.

5 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Toilet

If you start to pick up on any of these issues. make sure to reach out to a professional because you have a toilet that needs some extra help.

1. The toilet runs randomly or seems to run all the time

You flush the toilet and hear it “run”  until it finishes filling up. At least that is what you should hear. If you have instead noticed that the toilet runs after you flush it, or at multiple times a day, or maybe it never seems to stop running, then these are issues that point to a leak somewhere in the system.

2. Your toilet flushes by itself

Have you noticed that your toilet seems to flush on its own? You don’t have a ghost, you probably just have a toilet with a serious leak. There is something allowing the water level in the tank to fall far enough that it triggers the entire toilet to flush.

3. There is water around the toilet base

Speaking of leaks, there may be a more serious leak somewhere else around a toilet, mainly around the seal that holds the toilet in place. This is extremely problematic because that leaking water is wastewater. Trust us when we say you do not want that in your home. It can lead to mold growth and pose a threat to your health.

4. There are frequent clogging problems

Does it seem like your toilet clogs every single time it is flushed? This isn’t normal. Chances are high that you have a drain clogging problem. If the clog is within the toilet drain itself, this can be addressed with a drain snake or even a plunger and some elbow grease. If the problem lies deeper, however, such as in your sewer line, you will need a plumber to address the issue.

5. Your toilet tends to bubble

Have you noticed that your toilet bubbles on its own? Or maybe you’ve gone to check why it is bubbling and saw the water level rise and fall. These are indicators that there is a problem with the drainage system for your toilet or even the venting system. A professional plumber can diagnose and address the issue at its core.

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