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5 Reasons yo Upgrade Your Air Conditioner


If you need to upgrade your air conditioner, we are strong advocates for “the sooner, the better” approach. A newer AC unit will be able to offer better comfort control with better efficiency. There will be additional improvements too.

If you are battling with an older air conditioner then it is a good idea to schedule an upgrade performed by a professional technician. A pro can offer an effective AC installation in Columbia, SC that provides all the benefits that you should expect from a system upgrade. Here are some reasons that you may want to consider an upgrade to your AC.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your AC

Aren’t sure whether you need to replace your current air conditioner? Here are some indicators that it is time.

1. Your energy bills are too high

Your energy bills are a good indicator of how effectively and efficiently your air conditioner is operating. If you are getting extremely high energy bills but little to no cooling, it is a sign that your AC is struggling extremely hard to do its job. A system that has to work that hard may be one that needs to be replaced.

2. The AC needs too many repairs

How often do you need repairs for your AC? Repairs every few years are pretty normal. It’s when the repair needs become frequent, about once a year that you should be concerned. Repairs that are this frequent are a sign of an air conditioner that is rapidly starting to wear out and may fail in the near future.

3. The repairs are too expensive

Speaking of repairs how are those repair costs looking? The cost of a repair is going to be just as big of an indicator of a need for an upgrade as the frequency. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if a repair bill costs the equivalent of half or more of the price of a new system, it is better to upgrade instead.

4. Your AC isn’t cooling at all

You need your air conditioner to be able to cool your home down. That is its main purpose after all. So if your system isn’t able to cool your home, then it is best to upgrade. After all, without the ability to cool anything, your old system isn’t much more than an expensive fan.

5. Your current system is old

Last but not least make sure to take into consideration how old your air conditioner is. If the current system is between 10 to 15 years old, an upgrade is definitely in your near future. If the system is 15 years old or more, then you want to get an upgrade as soon as you possibly can.

If you have an AC that is ready to be retired, then it is best to reach out to a professional to get the job done. An AC replacement should be performed by a trained professional. This can include selecting your next system, sizing, and testing as well.

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