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Heating Maintenance: Yes, It’s Time

chilly-manThere is no denying the fact that our winter weather is quite a bit milder than the temperatures that we deal with in the cooling season. Your heater is not going to put to work quite as hard as your air conditioning system when you live in this part of the country. That does not, however, mean that your heater is not just as important as your air conditioner. You still need this system to be there for you whenever you may need it.

That is why it is so important that you schedule routine heating maintenance in Columbia, SC. There is just no other way in which you can do more good for your home heating system. When your system is tuned up annually, you are going to enjoy many benefits that would otherwise remain beyond your grasp. Read on to learn more about what maintenance has to offer. We think that you’ll agree – it’s money well-spent. Check out our maintenance plan, too!

What Does Routine Heating Maintenance Entail?

If you think that just changing your air filter every few months is enough to protect the condition and overall operation of your heater, think again. Making sure that there is a clean air filter in your forced air heater actually is a very important aspect of maintaining your HVAC system. It is also one that you can, and should, handle on your own as needed.

A full heating tune-up is a much more involved process, though. Not only are air filters changed and components cleaned, but electrical amperage/voltage levels are checked, heat pumps are checked for refrigerant leaks, parts are lubricated and balanced as needed, condensate assemblies and drain lines are cleaned, electrical components like capacitors are tested, and much more. Simply put, it is a job for a skilled professional.

So What’s the Big Deal?

Okay, you may be thinking, that sounds great. But there is nothing wrong with my air conditioner, so why worry? Well, if you are failing to give your heater the maintenance that it needs to excel in its operation, chances are that there will be something wrong with your heating system before long. Your heater is subject to considerable wear and tear over the course of the heating season, and that wear and tear will take its toll.

When you schedule professional heating maintenance with our team, you are investing in the prevention of operational problems. Routine maintenance addresses a number of issues that hard work can lead to, so that your system is ready for another season of service.  It also helps to boost energy efficiency, because a system that works at peak performance levels will also require minimal resources to run. You can even extend the life of your heating system when you schedule regular, professional maintenance.

If you are serious about getting the most that your HVAC equipment has to offer, then scheduling an annual tune-up is a no-brainer. Fulmer Heating & Cooling is more than happy to keep your heater up and running reliably.

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