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Heating Irregularities: When to Be Concerned


dog-under-blanketWith the coming of the winter season comes the time for reflection. No, we’re not talking about inner, personal reflection—that’s all on you. What we’re talking about is very important too, though: reflecting in an honest manner in regards to your heating system! The chill in the air is only going to grow more pronounced as the calendar days drop away, so you need to know for certain that your heater is going to be there for you when you really need it.

Now, we would love to use this opportunity to tell you how you can guarantee 100% reliability from your home heating system. However, this is simply not an attainable goal. While modern heaters are very reliable, and routine maintenance will keep your system functioning as reliably as possible, you are going to run into operational problems from time to time. When you do, be sure to contact us right away to schedule prompt heating repairs in Irmo, SC. But when should you be concerned?

Your Heater Is Not Heating the House Sufficiently

If you have a brand new heater that is not heating your house effectively, then the bad news is that the system may be too small for your home. This is a big risk of working with an unqualified contractor, as there is no way to “fix” undersized equipment. We’ll obviously make sure that your heater is of the right size for your home. If your system heated your house satisfactorily in the past, but is just now failing to do so, then you may need repairs. It could be a fuel delivery issue, leaky ducts, thermostat misreadings, or any other number of problems. We’ll diagnose the problem accurately before resolving it completely.

Your Heater Is Running Abnormally

Do you hear your heater kick on when the temperature gets too cool in your home, only to cycle back down before it’s really completed a full heating cycle? If so, your heater is doing something called “short cycling,” and that is definitely a concern. While it may seem like a heater that is still distributing heat throughout the house is not that bad off, the fact is that the problems that cause short cycling can range from the relatively benign—a filter that needs changing—to the very serious—refrigerant leaks in heat pumps, overheating, etc. If your system is short cycling and you’ve ruled out obvious causes like dirty filters, contact us right away.

Your Heater Sounds or Smells Strange

When you first fire up the heater for the season, you may hear an initial groan of protest or smell the odor of dust burning off of the coil or burner. If any such problems persist past the very earliest moments of operation, though, you should recognize them as warning signs of trouble. Screeching, grinding, and whining coming from the heater could indicate a lack of sufficient lubrication or damaged interior components, while burning odors or especially the scent of gas in your home could mean unsafe operating conditions. Don’t take any chances when it comes to the condition and operational safety of your heater.

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