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5 Noises Your Heat Pump Shouldn’t Make


There is a chill in the air, so you decide that now is a perfect time to call on your home’s heat pump for warmth. The sweaters and fuzzy socks are already on, so you only need the heat pump’s help with adjusting the temperature by a few degrees. The problem pops up when you turn your system on and discover that your heat pump is making some concerning sounds.

If running your heat pump creates too much noise to justify keeping your home warm, it means you likely need to reach out for heater repair in Lexington, SC. But first, you need to know what some of the noises are that your system absolutely should not make.

5 Noises You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Heat Pump

Heat pump systems are known for operating quietly, but they are likely to still create some noise. This doesn’t mean that every sound is normal to hear. Make sure that you have your ears peeled for any of these noises that indicate trouble:

  1. Rattling: Does it sound like something in your heat pump is shaking around or vibrating? If so, that rattling noise is likely to indicate something coming loose inside of the system. The sooner you get this addressed the better. This rattling can easily become a clanging noise that indicates you are going to have a system sustaining more damage.
  2. Screeching: When you turn on your heat pump, do you clap your hands over your ears because it starts to emit terrible screeching noises? If it does, this isn’t normal. This sound is created by metal scraping against metal caused, for example, by loose fan blades dragging around in their housing.
  3. Hissing: Don’t mix up the sound of hissing with the whoosh of air that you are meant to hear from your heat pump system. Hissing is that sharp escape of air that your system may emit when it is forcing air through a clogged filter.
  4. Gurgling: Gurgling may be created when your heat pump’s refrigerant line springs a leak. As the refrigerant line leaks and oxygen gets into the line, it may create a bubbling or gurgling sound.
  5. Humming or buzzing: Last but not least, you may hear the sound of humming or buzzing coming from the heat pump. This is a normal sound, but may be caused by an electrical issue in your system such as a stalled fan or an electrical disconnect.

Is your heat pump system making concerning noises? Don’t ignore them and just cross your fingers that your heat pump will make it through the season without a problem. Especially with a heat pump, hearing noises now is going to spell trouble not just for your heating comfort but also for your cooling in summer.

Don’t just push past those strange sounds coming from your system. Instead, reach out for repairs as soon as you can. When a professional, like the ones on our team, performs the repairs, it will ensure that the system is going to be able to do its job right again.

Reach out to Fulmer Heating & Cooling for your next HVAC system repair.

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