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5 Issues Your Furnace Might Have


When the weather is cold and chilly or even rainy, it makes it that much easier to hunker down indoors with a heavy blanket and a hot drink. It also makes you that much more thankful for the warm comfort that your furnace provides. But if you want your furnace to really be able to keep you comfortable throughout the season, it means you need to address any issues it may have.

If you need a furnace repair in Columbia, SC, the sooner you schedule it, the better. Timely repairs can be the thing that prevents early replacement and high energy bills.

5 Possible Repairs Your Furnace May Need

If your furnace is dealing with a repair need, it will mess with its ability to do its job, and that will mess with your comfort! Be on the lookout for some of these repair needs so you know when to contact a professional.

  1. Leaking ductwork: The ductwork attached to your furnace heater should be well-sealed in order to properly deliver warm air to the rooms in your home. If there are leaks in your ducts, however, this will allow warm air to escape before it reaches its destination. Usually indicated by hissing or buzzing, ductwork leaks should be sealed quickly to avoid loss of comfort and poor energy efficiency.
  2. Clogged burners: Over time, dust and other debris may settle onto your furnace’s burners. This can, of course, delay the ignition process which creates other issues like a booming noise created when built-up gas finally ignites. This is extremely stressful on your furnace!
  3. Thermostat issues: Your thermostat is the command center for your HVAC systems, so if there is a miscalibration or a disconnect, it throws everything off. Delays in system response or poor temperature control can indicate that you need a professional to check on your thermostat.
  4. A cracked heat exchanger: Your heat exchanger fills with combustion gases that then transfer heat to the air that is blown into your home. A cracked heat exchanger can allow those combustion gas to leak into the air that is blown into your home, and that’s bad news. Be on the alert for hissing or buzzing noises or the smell of gas, which can all be signs of this issue.
  5. A faltering pilot light: Last but not least, make sure to check your pilot light. If the pilot light can’t stay on or is discolored (orange or yellow) it is a sign of trouble. Make sure to reach out for professional assistance if there is an issue with your pilot light.

Expert Repairs and Other Furnace Services

When something goes wrong with your furnace heater, professional repairs are going to be the best solution. Make sure to reach out to our team for your repairs so you can have the reassurance of knowing that licensed and experienced technicians are the ones who are doing the job.

Contact the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling to schedule your repairs. We’ve provided home comfort services to this area for more than 30 years.

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