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Why Is There Water Surrounding My AC Unit?

thermostat-with-sunPlumbing leaks are a major hassle. There are few scenarios more stressful to a homeowner than coming home to find a big puddle of water on the floor, with a pipe spraying water overhead. What do you do if you notice a puddle on your floor, and you come to realize that it’s not coming from a pipe, though? What if it is coming from your air conditioning unit? It’s a strange sight to behold, but it is one that is not all that uncommon. There are a few explanations for this phenomenon.

While the underlying cause of the water surrounding your indoor air conditioning unit may not be terribly serious in nature, it is still important that you have it resolved as soon as possible. After all, it could be a serious issue, and even if it’s not it could result in serious water damage in your home. Read on, and contact us if you have concerns about your air conditioner in Newberry, SC.

Condensation and Drainage Problems

Here in South Carolina, we are certainly no strangers to high humidity levels. In fact, many homeowners in this area reap the benefits of using whole-house dehumidifiers in order to combat the high humidity threatening the comfort and air quality levels in their homes. What you may not realize is that your central air conditioner actually removes some humidity from the air as well. It’s not intended to function as a dehumidifier, but drawing moisture out of the air is part of the cooling process.

As refrigerant in the system is evaporated in the evaporator coil, which allows for the cooling of the home, some of the moisture in the air passing over the coil condenses. That results in condensation that collects on the coil. This condensation will drip off of that coil, and must be drained away. This is why you have a drain pan to catch that condensation, and a condensate drain line to move that water out of your home.

It is possible that your drain pan is corroded or that it is simply misaligned, allowing water to pool around the system. You may also have a backed up drain line, which can be cleaned with store-bought or even homemade cleaner. This is sort of a best case scenario in terms of why your AC may appear to be “leaking.”

Refrigerant Leaks and Icing

It is also possible, unfortunately, that you have a more serious problem at hand. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, then the cooling process is impeded. The evaporator coil won’t remove heat from the air sufficiently, and it will get too cold. Then, the condensation will freeze on it. When that ice melts, it can flood the drain pan and wind up on the floor.

This could also be the result of a very dirty air filter restricting airflow, though, and causing the icing. In that event, you need only change this filter to resolve the problem. This is why it is just as important to have a trained professional diagnose the problem in the first place as it is to have one resolve it.

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