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Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For the Cooling Season


Spring has certainly sprung up on us here in South Carolina. With the warm temperatures we’ve been having, you’ve undoubtedly made the switch from using your heater to using your air conditioner. The change in temperatures came so suddenly that you might have neglected scheduling AC maintenance in Columbia, SC, and it’s understandable how it slipped by you.

However, just because we didn’t have much of a shoulder season this year is no excuse to go without this essential service. In fact, it’s especially important to have it done now since it seems like we’re in for an extended cooling season. In the meantime, here are some things you can do to help make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape. 

Change the Air Filter

Even though you’ve been using your AC for a bit, it’s never too late to check and change that air filter if needed. This truly is the most important DIY task that you can do as a homeowner to ensure your system works as well as it can. 

Giving your AC a fresh start with a clean filter helps it work at peak performance. That’s because the air filter keeps dirt, dust, and debris from getting into your AC’s interior working parts. If you’ve ever heard the term “a well-oiled machine,” that’s what you’re helping your AC achieve by changing that filter at the start of the season and replacing it every 1–3 months.

Clear the Area

Your air conditioner needs good airflow to work well. And over the winter, a lot of stuff tends to accumulate around both the inside and outside units. 

For the inside unit, make sure that nothing is blocking the area around your AC. Give it a wide perimeter that’s free of any boxes, furniture, outdoor gear, or anything else that might’ve accumulated there over the winter.

For the outside unit, check to make sure that it’s free of debris such as branches, twigs, leaves, and dirt. If the grass has grown high around it, trim it down. These steps will help ensure your AC has the airflow it needs to do its job well. 

Check the Vents

Another important and easy task is to check the vents in your home. Make sure they’re fully open and that their airflow isn’t being impeded by objects. It’s also a good opportunity to check your airflow and make sure that it’s strong and that the air flowing from the vents is nice and cold. 

Schedule Maintenance

This is as simple as giving us a call or clicking on our website. In minutes, you’ll have accomplished the best “DIY task” you can do for your AC. That’s because during a maintenance appointment, we’ll go through a long list of vital checks and services your AC needs. It truly is the best way to ensure your system serves your home and family well over our long, hot summers.

When you have your system thoroughly inspected and tuned up by trained air conditioning technicians, it will be in peak operating condition for that time of year when you need it most.

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