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Are Your Air Ducts Causing Problems?

If you are experiencing trouble with cooling your home or with the air quality therein, you may not realize that your air ducts may be to blame. Because ductwork is certainly not a mechanically complex system, many homeowners simply think that there is nothing that can go wrong with it. In truth, this is not the case at all. Faulty ductwork may be to blame for a number of different issues in your home. Fortunately for you, the professionals on our staff are here to help. If you require duct sealing in Irmo, SC, our team is the one to trust to do the job right.

Signs That Your Ductwork Is Leaking

You really cannot see much of your ductwork, as it is largely hidden behind the walls and between the floors and ceilings in your home. If you think that this means that you cannot recognize signs of trouble with your ductwork, though, think again. Sure, you may not be able to see the point of concern. You can take note of the warning signs that something is amiss, though, if you know what it is to look out for.

An increase in your cooling costs is a good place to start. When your ductwork is leaking, you can’t really expect your home cooling system to function at peak efficiency levels. You will likely find that your cooling costs are on the rise if your ductwork is leaking. Not only that, but it is likely that you’ll wind up with hot spots throughout your home, as well. In this instance, you may actually wind up paying more money for a weaker performance from your home cooling system.

Also, pay attention to your allergy and/or asthma symptoms. If your ductwork is leaking, then it may be pulling pollutants into the system. When that happens, your air ducts may then actually be responsible for distributing those pollutants throughout your entire home.

Dial our number today, and let the pros at Fulmer Heating & Cooling seal your air ducts for you.

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